In the first lesson of win at the fair we played 117 games, spending $117 dollars and had a total loss of $96.40. each turn was $1 and a majority of the people got one dollar back from the losing board.

tally of the losing boardthe losing board

And then Mr Henderson gave us the challenge where we would make a creative game board and play a thousand games.

here is my made up game board that was kind of messy with black holes, teleportation, half price X and lightning strike symbols that restarted the game.

and then we had to make an enticing normal game board. Using Maths 300.

this is the tally of our most successful board giving us $440.30 profit. alex and I made it so that we swapped all of the ones around from the losing so that the 1 dollar which was the most common $0.05. we made sure the board was enticing by putting all the more expensive ones closer to the start point.

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