Micro Worlds Turtle

Initial’s O.W.

to make the o in my initials I would have to get in to a space where I would have space for the w and also have room so I don’t go out of the lines. I am currently working on making the w but I have finished the o.

Shapes in 4 different corners.

Here is the Cartesian plane  that I made to show the 4 different corners for each shape. I have made the square which goes in the top right corner and the triangle which goes in the top left corner and then the circle ( which I got off my o from the previous session ) in the bottom right corner and then the rhombus in the bottom left corner.

simple machines

Session 1 (Pulleys)

The first session with Mr McKie and the pulleys we had to choose a partner to work with to create the pulleys. We used wire, string, yogurt containers, scisscors, marbles and the pulleys. I noticed half way through the more pulleys you have the lighter it is to pull it up.


Session 2 (Knex)

The second session of simple machines with Mr Colbert, we were in groups of 4 and had to make a Knex carousel. It was similar to LEGO  but the pieces were harder to put together and all the pieces are different. I found that It was complicated to put together. I discovered that connecting the pieces in different stages was much easier.



Session 3 (LEGO)

The third session we made LEGO chain reactions creations. This time we were in groups of three and we had to make a marble roller. Once we finshed the marble roller we connected with another group and created a mini Rube Goldberg machine.

Rube Goldberg planning and building

Session 1

Today we were put into groups of 3 and told to make a basic design of a Rube Goldberg creation.  I started off by sketching the design and what the simple machines in the design could do.

We found it hard because one of our group members was sick and not at school today. We had to think of ideas by our self and not have their opinion. We put together some ideas and will include Zeph when he gets back.

Session 2

Today our group member was still sick sadly.  We needed to keep going so we managed to finished our design and started using fine liner to go over it to make it stand out. We also needed to work out who was bringing the materials in. Again we needed to make these decisions without Zeph, but we had to keep the project moving . We will be able to include him when he returns and think of things he can do also.

Session 3

Our group member, Zeph is finally back! We ran through every thing with him and by the end of the session they were complete and we created our first simple machine the pulley!

Session 4

We have changed the pulley design. We had to do this because the pulley wasn’t high enough.  We sticky taped it on to the cardboard tube to make the pulley the same height as the tube. Meanwhile, we created  the spinning object from our design which was made so the marble would hit the spinning object and make another marble go and knock over something.  The spinning object is at the end so then we can get that out of the way.

session 5

We built up a stronger support to make sure the  first one doesn’t fall down. we also created  a new pulley system so that the cups go up and down smoother.

Session 6 part 1

Lego robotics

Session 1

Today we were put in to groups of three and were given the BRICK which is pretty much the brain of the  robots. The robot required cables, the BRICK, motors, wheels and Lego pieces.

Session 2

In this session of robotics each group was told to make a detailed drawing of the robot itself and what the parts do. (haven’t received the photos yet) as you can see I made a birds eye view angle and a side angle drawing to show the brick and the robot.

Session 3

Today was the last session of drawing. I finished my drawing and started programming the robot. I simply just made it go forward and back first but now I have added sound which I thought was pretty cool.

Session 4

Today we were told to make a program using seconds, rotations and degrees to go forward. These are my programs.

 Seconds Program.Rotation’s Program.

Degrees Program.

Session 5 (for me)

Today I’m finally back! My group have equipped our robot with a colour sensor, the colour searches for colours and once it scans say your hand it will go the opposite way if you have the right program.

Session 6 (for me)

we have  a colour sensor

robot questions


What is a robot?

A robot is a complex factory made piece of technology that can do some jobs that humans can’t do, they don’t need food or water and a holiday

They don’t have a brain so you have to program them to do things.

What is needed to make a robot work?

Moving parts and also a program to make those moving parts move.

Why do you think people invented robots

Because humans needed something that they can’t do, and also they could of made them because they don’t need food or water and breaks because humans need those sorts of things.

What is a program

A program is a computer system that makes electronics work a program is also where you put words into commands that you have to make yourself. A program is a complex line of coding that will make a robot do something

who am I, next part

You wont believe what happened today! They found my Mum. The only problem is the Burkes. That’s what is gunna be a challenge. Oh yeah, I’m seeing her next week.

I’m really stressed about what she is gunna think of me. I hope she likes me . I’m almost there if I end up staying with her then Sam’s bike will be mine!

I am writing to you while I am with my Mum. She is the nicest person i have ever met!

I can’t wait to begin spending the rest of my life with her.

The End

Angles Investigation

I learnt from this maths session, that using a protractor gives you an estimate of the angle.

We played a game where you had to try and estimate the angle by moving the pointer where you place it.

As you can see in the first picture below that the answers are covered. Before you remove the covers we needed to try and guess the answers.

These are my answers to the angles below.

Term 1 Reflection

WOW!!! What a great start to the year, term 1 has been. It has  been a great way to introduce me to design. We have made roller coasters with a group and create a marble roller using a cereal box. I have learnt how to use certain things like quik which is good for slideshows, And movie maker which is almost the same software as quik but on computer. In maths we have been playing addo and learning about shapes and more. Next term we are going to be making a Rube Goldberg machine which is a complicated creation that does a simple thing. I’m so looking forward to Term 2 !!!


Sharing & Reflecting on Learning

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