week 7 colour sensors

So colour sensors means you pick a colour on the sensor.  And when you pick a colour piece of paper   then the sensor well stop the robot when it reaches the end of the piece of paper.

The important thing about this week was to make shore that we have the rite pick of colour paper and the rite  colour sensor.

The patterns in what I did was the black lines for the robots to follow.

I could use these skills  for our last week of robotics.

Clem, Nina & I went full speed ahead with Claxina our robot. We worked hard to get the correct result.

We are trying to spin it around the colour piece of paper.

We used our robot to do the black line on the long table using no colour.

I did well with my blog and trying my best with my group.

The thing I should do is use no colour  on the sensor and make sure it doesn’t go of the table.

week 5 Display block challenge

Today we started with a bit of a problem. Our robot brick  was not working. We had to pull it apart and rebuild it. So we got a new one.

Click this link to open the video.

Robot Wohoo

This robot is displaying  “hello world”  which is our recent Challenge. That was to insert some text into our robot screen.

This is our Robot. His name is Claxsina that is are name that we made from all are names Max Clem Nina.

Week 3 Robotics

On Friday 19th February, Clem, Nina and myself built a start and finish line and we timed the speed of our LEGO robot. We even made it a bridge from my arms to my face and back. It wasn’t so easy, we had some difficulty. It was important to follow the instructions because if we didn’t it might not move or the brick would fall off all the time. We had more trouble with the LEGO red elbows which were used to hold the brick, we had trouble because we couldn’t find them.

We saw some patterns that were the same so we did the same on the other side of the robot. We worked well as a team and helped each other and took some pictures. We were challenged because our robot didn’t work and we had to change the code and everything worked.

This is our Robot. His name is Turbo.

Week 2 robotics

Last week Nina me and Clem built a robot for the whole day. There was a brick and we called it Wally. It connects to the cord that connects to the sensors. I took some pitchers of Clem and Nina building the robot. We tested the speed. We even made the robot charge in to my face. This was very funny!

We thought that the name Wally was boring so we changed the name to Turbo because we want our robot to go fast!