Orientation Day

Orientation Day was a BLAST! I made three new friends, their names were Cate, Liliana and Monica. Monica and Cate are both in my house, Pegasus.

At the start of the day we were told what homeroom we were going to be in and who our teacher would be. I am in 5C with Mr Mckie next year. Then we played a few games, one was a quiz and the other one was like the game hedbandz except we used book characters and movie characters. I was Anna from Frozen.

During the day in groups of three we designed and made marble runs using only a cereal box and thirty centre-meters of masking tape. Then at the end of the day we made Christmas cards.

Overall I really enjoyed the day, and am looking forward to next year.

CD Launch

I learnt from the CD writing process that it takes a while to write a song and you have to do lots of hard work to get it done.

To start writing the Enviro song Mrs Shier sent some of our poems and haiku’s about the Environment to Mrs Bell and she started putting them in to a song. She made a backing track to go with it. After we had learnt the song Mrs Bell started to choose people to do vocal, recorder solos and raps.

For our next song, half of 4A went with Ms Lawrence and discussed what we should write about. Our final decision was to write about the frog pond. Once we finished writing our lyrics Mrs Lawrence did the same thing as Mrs bell, put our writing into a song and making a backing track to go with it. Then Mrs Bell recorded some of us playing the recycled instruments we  made and put them in the backing track. For my instrument I used a toilet roll and I tied a hair tie around it and when you pulled the hair tie back and let go it bashed against it.

After that Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Bell chose soloists, they chose Toby and I. The final song called ‘Out in the Bush’ was Amy’s poem. Again, a backing track was put behind it.

Finally the day of the CD Launch came! Parents were piling into 4B to watch our performance. At the launch 4A sang the Frog song which was the song I had a solo in. When it came to the time for me to sing my solo, I was kind of nerves but I pulled it off.

At the end we collected our CD’s with our artwork that we did with Mrs Nicholls on the front cover. Overall it was so much fun!

I wonder how much time Mrs Bell and Ms Lawrence put into making the CD?

Puffing Billy

On the second day of camp, we went on the Puffing Billy! There were two carriages reserved for the year fours so half of us went on the first carriage and the other half went the second carriage. There were no glass windows on the Puffing Billy, just two thick, black, metal bars to stop you from falling out of the carriage. I enjoyed the feeling of all the fresh air rushing past me. Overall, it was an amazing trip.


Ceres Wonderings

I wonder who had the idea of changing it from a rubbish tip into a environmental park?

I wonder how many people visit there a day?

I wonder why Ceres is named Ceres?

I wonder when it was built?

I wonder where they get all the plants from?

I wonder what different types of animals are there?

I wonder if anyone lives there?

My Prayer For The Future

May the voices of the past carry us forward in the future.

May we be heroic and make a difference in our world.

May the people of today help us make a better tomorrow.

May we never give up on our hopes and dreams.

May our universe be happy and free in coming times.





Dog Rock With The ELC’s

At the start of the term, the year 4’s went to Dog Rocks with our ELC buddies. Dog Rocks is untouched land owned by the Roydhouse’s. The Roydhouse’s are a Geelong College Junior School family. Before we left we were told by Mrs Shier that there were no toilets there. All the girls were disgusted and went straight to the bathroom just before we got on the buses. The boys didn’t care which wasn’t very surprising!


Choice Day

I’ve been so excited about Choice day all week! I got put in the group that was joining a year 2 class for Drama/Yoga which was OK but a bit boring. We ran down to Junior School in the rain and got really wet! I went with three of my friends, Maddie, Anna and Grace and a few year five and year six girls, (and boy!) We started off doing yoga with Mrs Molyneux on tiny green mats. The floor was so warm! First we did some stretches and dancing. Then we each had a turn at spinning a little wheel that landed on either red, blue, green or white. Each card had a yoga pose on it that we had to do. We then made some mandalas to some relaxing music. After that we played a game called The Hot Seat with Mrs Davis. We each got a year 2 buddy and had to become a character. The person on The Hot Seat was being interviewed by their partner. My partner was Lachlan. Lachlan was a knight and I was a super pig. We used puppets and dress ups from around the room to make our costumes. I’m looking forward to Choice day next year.

Springdale Farm!

Yesterday all the year 4’s went to a muddy farm called Springdale around 8 km away from Geelong. Everyone’s attention was drawn to Bobby, the calm, fluffy farm cat. He was so cute! Every time I tried to gently pat him, adorably he rolled over so that could rub his tummy! We were told that little Bobby once had a twin brother that looked exactly like him and that they think he strolled off into the grassy paddocks, and died possibly bitten by a snake. I was sad to hear this news, but cheered up again when I saw cute Bobby slowly padding towards us. It was sad when said goodbye to him. I wonder what he is up to now?😛

Athletics Day!

Athletics day was a blast! It was very different to Junior School Athletics Day because there was more then just a sticker to be won!😂 There are many new things that we used like a metal shot put and a heavy discus. I didn’t win any ribbons but it was still loads of fun! My house, Pegasus, came in second place which was great but first would have been excellent.