drone maze

drone maze

today we were making a maze and we had to make a code to move the drone across the page

at first i was very confused but then Morgan helped me. that is my code


Last wednesday we hade drones and me,lenny,ollie and Jueques  were coding and flying drones

we even found out how to make them flip!

we tried a code on the drones but they would go up and slowly move left to right

today we would have tried our code again but it is windy and me cant ):

we are going to try and use drone dash for coding.


Among us project

We have had 3 lessons on hummingbird and my group has been making an among us project.

Among us is a game where there are 9 8 or 7 crewmates and 1 2 or 3 imposters the imposter’s goal is to kill the crewmates ad the crewmate’s goal is to finish all their tasks or vote out the imposters.

we made an imposter wit a knife kill a poor crewmate


Mistaken can be used in many different ways such as unfounded untrue and many more.

There are many words that could replace Mistaken in a sentence are misled,unfounded and untrue full

I chose this word as i mistake a lot of things

Bongos challenge


Today we made some funky contraction

we used a fruit to make music i used a banana

to do the left arrow key and orange for the space bar

it was really funny while i was making it because i always crashed

and that doesn’t help.

What is Electricity

Electricity is power and energy

what uses Electricity. the internet use Electricity a gaming console uses Electricity a tv uses Electricity a mobile device uses Electricity lemons have a type of Electricity.

Even this funk contraption uses Electricity