Mistaken can be used in many different ways such as unfounded untrue and many more.

There are many words that could replace Mistaken in a sentence are misled,unfounded and untrue full

I chose this word as i mistake a lot of things

Bongos challenge


Today we made some funky contraction

we used a fruit to make music i used a banana

to do the left arrow key and orange for the space bar

it was really funny while i was making it because i always crashed

and that doesn’t help.

What is Electricity

Electricity is power and energy

what uses Electricity. the internet use Electricity a gaming console uses Electricity a tv uses Electricity a mobile device uses Electricity lemons have a type of Electricity.

Even this funk contraption uses Electricity


my build a band

this is my drum set it is a compilation of my favourite notes combined its a nice beat for my band and makes a lovely sound its a peaceful sound and makes me smile every time and it brings joy to my band.

this is my command for my cello its small but pretty good its more just for the sound


this is my saxophone its loud and proud