Microbit 2 (Flashing hearts)

In this project,¬† when the “A” button is pressed hearts flash to create a animation

microbit 1 (happy\sad face)

this is a “Micobit” it is a little machine that you can code on for whatever you want. in this project, when the “A” button is pressed it makes a happy face, when the “B” button is press it makes a sad face. when both of button’s are pressed, it makes the Microbit looks from side to side, like an animation

My “makie makie” instrument

This is my “makie makie” instrument (look up “makie makie” if you want to know what it is) this is a Scratch project, we had to code music onto the project and then use the “makie makie” to make the music. you see those little teen foil dots on my instrment? well, when they prest¬† the sounds we play, you can mix up the sounds to mke your own tune. it is simply a box with teen foil dots with some maker for decoration. you can make this your self if you have a box, teen foil, a “makie makie” and electric device to connect the “makie makie”.