Lego Robotics

Lego robotics is a group project that we do in groups of three. My group is doing a project called “S.L” it stands for “skittle launcher”.



you can see our plans on that photo this is how it goes:

there will be the launcher that will fire a stick thing (we don’t

what its called) and there will be three cups of skittles that will

be nocked into the box.

Aboriginal History project with the Makey Makey

  Me and Georgie are reasching the Aboriginal history with the Makey Makey to recreate the sounds, lights, and other things! it will feel like your there, deep in the forest with all the strang and unknown creachers lurking in the darkness. first we had to brain storm write down all our ideas you can have look in the imige at the bottem right. You can see what materials that we need in the photo that is up there and has a lot of couler. Can you see the green and purple blocks up there? that’s our coding for the recording on Scarch. That paper with the green and yellow writing is our script. We learned that there are lots of Aboriginal tribes, like the Kimberly tribe. (the tribe where reserching) it is also a place you can find all sorts of fish. like, Tuna, salfish, redempra, berumudie, king thred fin, and tarpond. it would be cool if we had a water fall, and a camp fire! but we didn’t have time but its steel really neet.

Mirobit rise track

This is me and Georgie’s rising track that we did together. We had to use the “Microbit” in this project, there are special machines that is like a car but for the “Microbit”. it allows us to make a “microbit” like a remote controller to the car\machine the to cars would rise to the finish line, pretty simple, but there are so obstacle in the way. But this photo was taken before they where made and we couldn’t finish it but if it where, it would have been a great project.

microbit 1 (happy\sad face)

this is a “Micobit” it is a little machine that you can code on for whatever you want. in this project, when the “A” button is pressed it makes a happy face, when the “B” button is press it makes a sad face. when both of button’s are pressed, it makes the Microbit looks from side to side, like an animation

My “makie makie” instrument

This is my “makie makie” instrument (look up “makie makie” if you want to know what it is) this is a Scratch project, we had to code music onto the project and then use the “makie makie” to make the music. you see those little teen foil dots on my instrment? well, when they prest  the sounds we play, you can mix up the sounds to mke your own tune. it is simply a box with teen foil dots with some maker for decoration. you can make this your self if you have a box, teen foil, a “makie makie” and electric device to connect the “makie makie”.