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Passion Project Post 2

I have changed what I am doing. I am now doing mountain bike riding. I haven’t done any filming yet but we are arranging for a gopro. I will do one ride or maybe two. I am thinking about forest… Continue Reading →

Billiard Ball Bounce

finished on the 8/11/17 This project required us to think about patterns and look closely. We had to find an algebraic equation that allowed us to predict the amount of bounces until the ball goes in one of the holes… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Post 1

I am going to do another project about the beach. But the idea is different I am going to focus mainly on the water such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkelling and more. This is the perfect time of year for… Continue Reading →

Conservation Film

We are doing a film about the endangered animals at the zoo to raise awareness for this animals and why we must help them. We only will have one piece to camera in this film since it is about the… Continue Reading →

Building Views Reflection

project completed 18/10/17 Building views was a project that we worked on for a couple of lessons. Building views is when you are given a sheet that has a grid of 4 by 4. It has a side view and… Continue Reading →

South Africa Investigation

This term we have been working on a project called Cultures of the World.  We were assigned to research on one country and their culture. I chose South Africa. Some of the requirements for this project were: The country’s national… Continue Reading →

Passion Project term 3 reflection

This term I think that I have worked well on my passion project.  The maps were the hardest thing to do. I had to scan them then transfer them to my computer and then draw on them.  Drawing on them… Continue Reading →

Pich: Our Town Through Time

This term I am doing the old Geelong Gaol. I want to do this because it has a captivating history.  The prison started the building process in 1849 But the first prisoners were admitted in 1853.  There were two hangings… Continue Reading →

Term 2 Reflection Post

Term 2 was amazing!! I had lots of fun and learnt so much! I did an amazing piece in writer’s workshop that straight through. It was my first poem for the year. My goal for the year was not a… Continue Reading →


Editing has been fun. One of the pieces of footage came out upside down. I then had to how to flip it back the right way around.  The music was another problem. It had to have the perfect timing. So… Continue Reading →

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