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South Africa Investigation

This term we have been working on a project called Cultures of the World.  We were assigned to research on one country and their culture. I chose South Africa. Some of the requirements for this project were: The country’s national… Continue Reading →

Passion Project term 3 reflection

This term I think that I have worked well on my passion project.  The maps were the hardest thing to do. I had to scan them then transfer them to my computer and then draw on them.  Drawing on them… Continue Reading →

Pich: Our Town Through Time

This term I am doing the old Geelong Gaol. I want to do this because it has a captivating history.  The prison started the building process in 1849 But the first prisoners were admitted in 1853.  There were two hangings… Continue Reading →

Term 2 Reflection Post

Term 2 was amazing!! I had lots of fun and learnt so much! I did an amazing piece in writer’s workshop that straight through. It was my first poem for the year. My goal for the year was not a… Continue Reading →


Editing has been fun. One of the pieces of footage came out upside down. I then had to how to flip it back the right way around.  The music was another problem. It had to have the perfect timing. So… Continue Reading →


Filming has been really fun. I have spent around 10 hours filming. From the sunrises to the sunsets, it has all been worth it.  I learnt a lot to. On my first attempt at a sunrise, there had been no… Continue Reading →

Boy Overboard

Boy overboard is written by Morris Gleitzman. The book is set in afghanistan and is told from a young boy called Jamal’s point of view.  Jamal and his sister Bibi love soccer but girls aren’t aloud to play sport.  Their… Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

Win At The Fair is a game of chance. The rules are simple. There  are two dice, a honeycomb board with prices and you pay one dollar for each game. These were the only things we couldn’t change.  The problem… Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke was very passionate about his topic this made his TED talk very engaging.  He wanted everyone to know where their food comes from. He wants little kids to stop being manipulated by food companies that say everything will be… Continue Reading →

Problem 7

This was a relatively easy problem to solve because the problem says ‘equal rows’. Jane sits 4th from the front and 3rd from the back. This means that there is 6 seats in each column. Because 4+2=6. Then there are… Continue Reading →

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