June 3

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette = Means that you have to be etiquette on the network or online  to the things that you are doing,  watching or posting.

Flame wars =  That when you are online and you are having a argument that you make sure that you don’t get all emotional about that topic or thing that you are talking about.

Troll = A troll is someone who wants to cause trouble online or do something annoying.

Anonymous = To be someone that is not a real person or make a fake identity and tricks other people.

Communicating clearly =  That you have to make all your grammar correct. Don’t to caps lock other wise they will think your shouting.  Emojis you can use them to make your feelings more clearly. 

Permission = That you mite want to post something to your friends but you don’t want your mum and dad seeing what you have posted.

Once your message is out, it is out. = That means when you post something and then you think about it again you can not delete it.







May 22

THINK Online


Think is an acronym that we should think about every time we do something online. What dose thins mean to you. Does it mean that you have deleted a message that you have thought about again?








May 20



I am really happy with my passion project progress so far. Well first I have made my bird house out of cardboard to see what it would look like. then cut all the wood pieces and ready for some glue and drilling it together. Well I have done a lot of measuring to make sure every side is even and fits. I have learnt to make every thing precise so that it is not to short or long. And make sure you sand each side so it is not to rough.

Well every piece of the wood has been cut out perfectly. One of the challengers was the piece of wood was to soft and it broke when we would cut it. The next step is to put every thing together. By drilling and gluing everything together. So it looks like a birds house.


April 29


For my passion project i am going to make a birds house out of natural wood. I am doing this so that i can have more birds visit my home. I am using natural and recycled wood so it reminds them of their home.

April 25

Richard Turere Ted Talk

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The main message is that he wants people to leave loins in peace and not anyone can kill loins. they want to kill the loins because they kill live stock be he wants other ways to keep loins away then killing them. You don’t to big person in the world because anyone can archive anything no matter how big or small.

He got the message across the audience by making them clap when he said something that they like. And they laughed when he told them something funny. He made all the audience have some emotions all of them for something he did good to solve a problem.

The technical support he used was that he had some powerful picture to tell the audience that this is a big problem in there country and he wants to fix it.

The presentation techniques he used well was that he had a strong ascent but that did not let his ted talk down because he worked though it. And used powerful pictures for his presentation.

April 24

Birke Baeh Ted Talk

I think the main message is that he wants to make people know were there food comes from Not just assume that it comes for a happy farm were pigs and cows roam around happily  and get to do what ever they want. Well he says that he want people to change there thinking and go to a local farmer and buy food there.

He got the message around the audience by making them have a laugh with some jokes that he told. He make the audience clap for him. And used really good eye contact.

The technical support he used were the screen and microphone which made his voice project out to the audience.

The presentation Technics he used we he projected his voice he used the right type of langue for adults. And had lots for pitures to explain his thinking.

April 19

Thomas Suarez Ted Talk

Ted Talk

The main message now kids want to make apps and they have lots of opportunities waiting for them to explore and now kids want to make apps not play them. But not only kids can make apps, but teachers, parent and adults can make apps as well.

He got the message around the audience by via eye contact and use that langue for the type of age group.
He used a microphone to connect the audience and could be understood clearly.

He also used a screen to keep the audience connected and to make sure that they take everything in. lastly, he uses the iPad so if he lost his line he could look on the screen as a queue card.

The presentation techniques he used good eye line to the audience and kept the audience connected at all time. He also had the screen to make his ted talk better and more interesting