October 21



Well i am not sure what i should do?

I have got it, i am going to make Pete treats and i am going to make as well a little corner in my room for Pete. Well because it is my cat and i love him as well as minty i am trying to make minty like them as well. I am going to use a phone to record everything and search all the recipes. I am going to learn the combinations that cats like together and i have all ready made one and they smell like gross tuna. I am going to make so like cookies and some like dog treats. Well my project is targeted for Pete and minty my two pets i hope they like all of my treats but i am ready for them not to like the treats. I am looking forward to what they will think of my treats and i hope it works out.


September 19


This is our 2nd passion project and i can’t believe it is all ready done but i really enjoyed it.

I achieved all that i set out for my self and a bit more but i was glad with my out come. One of the challenges that i found was getting all of my accents right and making the best they could be. The other thing was to make the script and i kept on changing it over and over again and i wasn’t sure if it was the best it could be but i tried. The last thing was putting it into a film all together, the editing was amazing. The successes were that i finally got the whole thing done. I loved doing all the accents and how different they all are.It was all a great experience. Well i overcame some of my challenges buy listening to some different accent videos and found them all out and asked my mum some of my questions. If i turned this up a level and made it better i would make some more videos and make it into a comedy show.

September 7

RVE Netherlands


The country i chose was Holland here is so information about my country. This is what i have learnt.

The differences are that they have a flag that means a lot different to ours.                                                                                                        They have lots of dishes that are different to ours like krokets and for dinner they normally have the same things each time.                      Do not wear jeans and it is starting to get more popular to not wear a tie and they like wearing clogs.

The similarities are that they both watch soccer, field hockey and tennis.                                                                                                                  Breakfast you have coffee or tea with your meal and have cereals or bread.                                                                                                                Christmas is on the same day as us the 25th of December.

If i lived in Holland the thing that i would find most interesting is  if i was at work not wearing a tie on a work day. The thing that i would find most challenging is having the same thing for dinner every day.


August 25


This is the post that you have all been waiting for right.

Well you probably want to know.


So far i have achieved my scrip for 2 of my little videos and i just have to finished one more and then i have finished all of my scripts. The next thing that i am going to do is film my first little video which is going take maybe half an hour to get ready film make a mistake try again until it is perfect. My first act is in a restaurant and i need my sister to be the waiter i don’t know if this is going to work but i will try. The challenge was to find a idea for what each mini film was going to be about.


I don’t know if any of this is going to work but i will try.

August 1



Related image



For my next passion project i am going to do.

Wait let me think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am going to do all little films on different accents all put together to make a giant film.


Wait that’s going to take me a long long long time isn’t it? How long is it going to go for???????????

How many terms is this going to take? Let me think. I DONT KNOW. Just to two many terms.


I got another idea, how about i make it shorter.

Great idea isn’t it!

So i am going to make a short film with some different types of accents.

I’ve done it nowwwwwwwwww


June 19

DC Cartoon

Today we were showed 3 different cartoons  that were funny but also didn’t have as funny true behind the pictures. But to make them funny lots of things were doing or wearing the same thing.

At first the funny thing I found about it was that the human is on his phone and little images of blue birds are coming out of his phone. But out of the birds mouth there is  a little image of a music SYMBOL coming out.

One of the messages is use your time outside not on your phone,  you could do this somewhere else.  That you should try to notice the wonderful things outside than worry about the internet.

The most important message is that you should use your time outside to find cool things than get lots of likes and comments on your phone.

I don’t really thing the image is funny to me any more because I realised what the purpose is now and that there is not a good message behind the image.

June 17


My passion project was a success for me.

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Yes and no. Because at the start i wanted to make a birds house with bright pretty colours on it. But as time went on i thought about it. Would the birds be frightened of the such bright colours? Would it look good in a garden? And other things like that and to me i thought no. So i did decide to oil it a light colour. So that it would fit. But the other details and the bird house it self was the same as i thought it would be.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

Well on the top of the bird house i thought it would be a bit boring to have a normal roof that is flat. So instead i put shingles on the top of it i screwed two of them on but on the third one it broke in half so i had to pull it out and put another one in. I used this thing called  putty for filling screw holes but when i took some out it was to thick so i had to add some water. But then it was to wet so then i put some more putty and it was the right texture.

How did you overcome the challenges?

Well for the putty i put more water in there and then more putty. For the wood i took the plank out and added another one on.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

I would make the bird house bigger and try to make it more complicated so it would have more details. I would try to make it like a mini mansion.

Insert any images you have of you producing your project.

Here is my end result.


June 7

Win At The Fair

Win At The Fair

Lesson 1

I was absent for the first lesson which was where people got to play the game board and discovered that it was a losing game board.

Lesson 2

The problem was that you had to make a board. See if it was profitable you had to make around $300 dollars or more. And you need to play 1000  times and everyone would give you $1 dollar for 1 game and you would end up with $1000 dollars. In the end you should give back $700 dollars to who ever wins and keep $300 dollars. So you get around $300 dollar of profit.  And then test the board to see if it works. but one thing it had to be fun and in enticing so the people that come will want to play the game.

Lesson 3

For the creative boards i did not do one. But i observed Abby’s and Millie’s boards for the creative boards you could do cool things like do little thing that make you chose or go backwards and fall down. Go forwards or black holes and things that make you go back to the start and game over for them.  And the arrows make a big difference because if it is not that likely to win the jackpot then it is not enticing. Here is one of Abby’s boards.

Lesson 4

For our official board we had to do the same things. But we could not do any cool things like portals and the other things that i said before. And you can not put the money amounts in the middle they all have to be on the out side of game board so it is harder. We had to make different jackpots but make it hard to get it but you still have a good chance to get the jackpot so that it is fair.

This was my first one it was a good board because i earned around $200 dollars but the target was $300 dollars so i tried switching the arrows and changing the money amounts.

This was my second board i earned around $275 dollars but i changed the arrows and there was less chance to get $4.00 dollars but it was not enticing at all.

This one it was good because i got around $300 dollars and the board was enticing because it has a small jackpot which is $6 dollars and you can only lose 50c if you play. This was my final board and i thinked it worked for me.




June 3

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette = Means that you have to be etiquette on the network or online  to the things that you are doing,  watching or posting.

Flame wars =  That when you are online and you are having a argument that you make sure that you don’t get all emotional about that topic or thing that you are talking about.

Troll = A troll is someone who wants to cause trouble online or do something annoying.

Anonymous = To be someone that is not a real person or make a fake identity and tricks other people.

Communicating clearly =  That you have to make all your grammar correct. Don’t to caps lock other wise they will think your shouting.  Emojis you can use them to make your feelings more clearly. 

Permission = That you mite want to post something to your friends but you don’t want your mum and dad seeing what you have posted.

Once your message is out, it is out. = That means when you post something and then you think about it again you can not delete it.