February 24

Cereal Box Marble Run

Marble run with cereal box!

Session 1

Today we made a marble run. I thought it was a great idea.

We had to use 30cm of sticky tape, a cereal box and scissors.

At the start we made a plan. I thought I could cut it out into a L shape then put little ramps with holes in them, all the way down to the bottom and then a big ramp. Then I wanted it to go straight across and then down into the hole.

This is how my plan looked like I thought it was pretty good but I thought it could be better next time.

The night before we hade to bring a box in to make our marble run.

It was hard to cut the L shape out because it couldn’t be wonky. I had 2 little ramps with holes in them and a ramp like a little stair case. I tried it for the first time and it worked that was amazing I thought it would not work. The first time I thought it might go through the one hole and then skip 1 and go down the ramp.

Session 2

It was very easy renaming it and putting it into a file. My film turned out not the best at the start because at the start I cut off the start each time but then I did it. Movie maker made my video better I put a title in the video.

please click the link to see my marble run video


Session 3

This is my second plan, it had a set of stairs and a ramp, it looked like this it was much better.

I think my second design was better than my first because my second had more detail.In my design I had a set of stairs and a ramp and then a hole for it to go out. With the design when I did the first trial, it didn’t work because the stairs didn’t work, they broke it was annoying but then I took the stairs away. I Put another ramp, then I put a funnel as well, it worked I was amazed because I thought it would not work at all.

Here is the video of my marble run.


I enjoyed this project a lot and learnt about momentum and friction!