September 19


This is our 2nd passion project and i can’t believe it is all ready done but i really enjoyed it.

I achieved all that i set out for my self and a bit more but i was glad with my out come. One of the challenges that i found was getting all of my accents right and making the best they could be. The other thing was to make the script and i kept on changing it over and over again and i wasn’t sure if it was the best it could be but i tried. The last thing was putting it into a film all together, the editing was amazing. The successes were that i finally got the whole thing done. I loved doing all the accents and how different they all are.It was all a great experience. Well i overcame some of my challenges buy listening to some different accent videos and found them all out and asked my mum some of my questions. If i turned this up a level and made it better i would make some more videos and make it into a comedy show.

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