August 15

The Lost Princess


This film is about how the internet is not all ways the safest place to be at and you have to be careful of what you say and do online.

The problem that charlotte in counted was that she was on a game and she got a request from someone that she did not know and started to get addicted to it and play it all the time. Talk to this person and started to share her person things.

The negative affects on charlottes life were that she got addicted and this person kept on sending messages to her when she did not want them to and it was a big problem in her life.

The issue got resolved by she did not talk to anyone and then her mum found out when she got the phone off her and helped her solve the problem.

What she could of done differently was that she should of not given her contact details away so that she didn’t have the big problem in the first place.

The big message that i took from is don’t share any of you private details or information.

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