June 19

DC Cartoon

Today we were showed 3 different cartoons  that were funny but also didn’t have as funny true behind the pictures. But to make them funny lots of things were doing or wearing the same thing.

At first the funny thing I found about it was that the human is on his phone and little images of blue birds are coming out of his phone. But out of the birds mouth there is  a little image of a music SYMBOL coming out.

One of the messages is use your time outside not on your phone,  you could do this somewhere else.  That you should try to notice the wonderful things outside than worry about the internet.

The most important message is that you should use your time outside to find cool things than get lots of likes and comments on your phone.

I don’t really thing the image is funny to me any more because I realised what the purpose is now and that there is not a good message behind the image.

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