June 7

Win At The Fair

Win At The Fair

Lesson 1

I was absent for the first lesson which was where people got to play the game board and discovered that it was a losing game board.

Lesson 2

The problem was that you had to make a board. See if it was profitable you had to make around $300 dollars or more. And you need to play 1000  times and everyone would give you $1 dollar for 1 game and you would end up with $1000 dollars. In the end you should give back $700 dollars to who ever wins and keep $300 dollars. So you get around $300 dollar of profit.  And then test the board to see if it works. but one thing it had to be fun and in enticing so the people that come will want to play the game.

Lesson 3

For the creative boards i did not do one. But i observed Abby’s and Millie’s boards for the creative boards you could do cool things like do little thing that make you chose or go backwards and fall down. Go forwards or black holes and things that make you go back to the start and game over for them.  And the arrows make a big difference because if it is not that likely to win the jackpot then it is not enticing. Here is one of Abby’s boards.

Lesson 4

For our official board we had to do the same things. But we could not do any cool things like portals and the other things that i said before. And you can not put the money amounts in the middle they all have to be on the out side of game board so it is harder. We had to make different jackpots but make it hard to get it but you still have a good chance to get the jackpot so that it is fair.

This was my first one it was a good board because i earned around $200 dollars but the target was $300 dollars so i tried switching the arrows and changing the money amounts.

This was my second board i earned around $275 dollars but i changed the arrows and there was less chance to get $4.00 dollars but it was not enticing at all.

This one it was good because i got around $300 dollars and the board was enticing because it has a small jackpot which is $6 dollars and you can only lose 50c if you play. This was my final board and i thinked it worked for me.




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