October 16



Week 1

This week in design, we were introduced to another activity called Makey Makey.

Makey Makey includes a group of challenges that we had to solve like typing and making a piano out of little tile shaped blocks.

First, we got out the motherboard and experimented on it. We connect alligator clips and put a dark line for grey led on the page then connected the clips and started spelling some letters. We found out the grey led can conduct electricity.

Week 2

Today in deign me and my partner pulled apart a old radio. The first thing we had to do was on the back of the radio there were 6 screws. We had to unscrew them to get inside the radio the had bit was some of the screws were stuck so to get them undone was a lot of work. Here is some photos for when we started the process

We had to unscrew 6 screws to get inside the radio.



Here is a video of when we finely open the radio.

                                                                                                         What’s next

We have unscrewed a lot more and taken all the bits and pieces out but now we need to  take all the screws and stuff that holds the piece together apart.



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