August 21


Today we did spheros. In spheros we were set some challenges. But we first got to play around with the sphero. We did driving the sphero first so it would come up with a little home screen then you would press driving then there is a screen with. You can change the colour whatever colour you want and you can make it dark or light.  There is a little circle that you can make it go straight left or right or backwards. Then we were set the challenge to make a 2D shape it was hard not because I can not program it is because spheros is a whole different thing to me. So first we tried to make a 2D shape we tried it and it did not work. It was because it was facing the same way the whole time.

So we tried the that we know that 4 equal part it would be 90 so we change the program again. We do not know if it works because  we did not get  any other testing time so we will  know if it works next time if we do spheros  next time.


Today we did Spheros. In Spheros we had a challenge that was our Sphero had to go around a shape that we made with special tape. We made a rectangle here’s what it looks like.


It took a few tests but finely we got it and we made a rectangle. The tricky bits were when we got the first bit but then it cut a bit of the rectangle so it did not do the full shape. But we did find what was wrong and what the mistake was so then we fixed it. Here is a video of our Sphero doing the rectangle.


Then we were set the challenge. It was to make a maze with the special tape  and all so with barrier. So the challenge was to get around the maze that you made from start to finish with out touching the sides or the barriers.



It was hard at the start because the sphero kept on touching the sides. But we finally got it and we made it around half way.