July 28



Today we did robotic. We had a task to do the task was to make the robot follow a black outline circle. We had to make it do a zig- zag pattern which was see the black line turn 50 degree see just white turn 50 degrees and it would keep on going because it had a forever loop around it. It was hard at first but then I found a solution for it here is a screen of one.

Problem was the  robot would not follow the circle. Because what happened is the robot could not find the black circle it just kept doing circles and didn’t stop. So I new there was a problem with the program. By the way that screen snip was after I had fixed the problem. I looked at the green bricks on the program and that was the problem it was because it was on speed 35 but I needed it to be on speed 50 so I changed that then I tested it. It worked so now I fixed the problem it works quiet well. What we are doing next is we are going to do robotic in a few week. So for the mean time we are going to be doing scratch and sowing.

Today we did robotics in robotics we did spheros. First we went on to the sphero Edu app. Then pressed on the button that said driving. It went to a page that had a circle and you had to put it on 180. So  when you moved the little circle it would move straight ahead. Other wise it would move all different directions.

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