July 25



Today we did scratch here in this video it shows what  I learnt about scratch.


Dance Studio

Today in scratch we did a dance studio. I was surprised that my sprite can change colours in my dance studio. I added music a background and some sprites. The hardest bit with the music was see which music match you scratch program it was easy doing the animal sounds. There were no hard bits with choosing the background just seeing which one you wanted. Then the sprites it was hard choosing them because you had to see if they had two or more costumes other wise you couldn’t make your sprite dance. Here is a video of my dance studio working.

Ten block challenge

Today we did a ten block challenge. We were given a sheet to help us then we were sent off. The hardest bit of the challenge was that you only had 10 blocks but you could keep on using them. But you had to use all of the blocks. I found it hard at the start because I like to use lots of the blocks not ten. So then I got so help from Abby. She helped me by giving me so ideas on how to connected them together so they work. Once I got most of the blocks together. I just put random blocks together. I finally got my program to work. Here is a video of it working.

Then we went off and looked in categories like art, games, stories and music. I didn’t really like the stories or the music. So I looked into games and art I found two games and one art. The games that I found were slimy, snakes and lasers and the challenge. I liked snakes and lasers because there was a laser and the snake could not touch it because otherwise it would die. I liked slimy because you had to complete around 7 levels and them you would make it home. I liked the challenge because you had to keep on doing levels until you made it past all of them.

Build a Band

Today we made a band. So one of my instruments was a cello. It would change about every few seconds. First it would just be a cello then it would change into. Two cellos that were the colour blue. Then it would keep on going on forever until you would press the stop button. So then when the green flag is clicked the saxophone will play a little tune. It will say something to. The other sprite will say something. If  you press the sprite is will play a song.


Its Alive

What we had to do is make our sprite come alive and keep on doing that over. The hard bit was for me that when it touched the edge it had to do it again but it had to be at the start. Before it could do the thing again . Here is a video of it.


Debug It

We did Debug it today. Here is what I had to do for 1.3 for debug it. So what I had to do was the sprite would not do a flip. So what I did is I put a repeat block and I put four wait blocks and it did work. Here is what it looked liked now and at the start.


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