March 31

wooden car investigation

Today we tested our cars to see what surfaces it worked best on. I did not think that my car would work on the oval very well  because it only went 4.90cm I think it was because the oval had lots of grass on it and it was not very even with grass bits everywhere.  So it is not easy to travel on but as well the cars wheels sunk into the grass a bit like when my  car wheels went in to the grass like concrete so  it was hard for the car to get going. So on the other surfaces it worked way better because it was easier for my car to travel, so the tennis court it went 6.00m. I think because it was easy for the car to get across the ground because it was even. But I think it worked better on the carpet in the classroom because it was a little bit bumpy but smooth to so I think that’s why it went the furthest. We used a bar graph to record how far our cars went.


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