March 20

craft power

today we did craft with Anatoli we did wood cars with drivers. the tools we used were hammer plyers and a copping saw. we started with choosing a car there were all different  cars I chose a Maserati first we had to trace it then we got the copping saw and started to cut it had to be 3 fingers high it was harder to cut the  angles. after we sanded it so it was nice and smoth other wise it would be to rough. when you were sawing you had to make shore that you were all way cutting down not side ways and defiantly not up towards you.

Anatoli put on the wheels and the motor there was our car now we had to make a driver. there were all different drivers I chose a elephant driver I thought it wold be hard to cut out the round bits. but I was acshowly very easy to cut I started to put some detail on my elephant it looks much better now next we got two screws a piece of wood that is thin and a hammer and nailed it on to the wood it leased I did not do the nails wonky other wise I would have to get the plyers and get the nail out then we put our driver on and they got there listens we tested then out mine worked. I loved it and I had a awesome experience.


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