February 28


Today we did Addo, Addo is a game where you have 2 players and you flip 2 cards over and then you add the to numbers up together if you have the number on your board you can cross it off the aim is to get 3 crosses in a row that’s how you win.

To get the best Addo board I had to see which numbers were more popular so this is how I had to see what the best numbers to put on my board.

I learnt that 10 11 12 8 And 9 were the most common because they had  more of solitons than 1 2 3 20 and 19 so wen I made my best board it had all the common numbers went in other wise it wouldn’t be the best board.

This is one of my boards.  I thought that mine would not win.

Mine had the most wins in that game!

February 24

roller coasters 🎢

session 7

Today I need to make a detail design a fully working roller coaster and join a group. So then I started with my detail design I put why I put the roller coaster on the side? It need lots of speed and momentum to get all the way around the loop other wise it gets stuck and lots more other things. Then I started doing our roller coaster because we put it on the side now it doesn’t get stuck going though the loop. It was hard doing the highest point of the roller coaster because the marble mite get stuck. when we finished the fully working roller coaster we had to join a group. We joined the boys group and there’s looked very complercaterted and ours looked very simple we started joining them it was not very easy joining them together but we had to make the marble jump across because it would not connect.

What’s happening next

We want to see if we can connect the pipe together so it will be easier for the marble.

session  8

Today  we  put the connects on so there are no more jumps in the roller coaster and it is easier for it to go through. We put the mini fighting ring higher so it would match the roller coaster, because it was a bit  to low so we made another level, it made the perfect height so it doesn’t get stuck. We got some more cable ties so we could connect more of them, so the other bit  would stand up straight. We took some pipe away as well so it would be a little straighter.  We think we are nearly  finished it just needs a little bit more and it looks more like a roller coaster now.

Session 9

Today we think we finished our roller coaster  buy just putting a feu finishing touchers like taking bits of sticky tape that we are not using and string. We put a cable tie on because one of the bits would not stay in the right place. Here is a video of some of the things we did today.                                                                                                                                                           ROLLER COASTER-104rw2q

Then after we had set up for the presentation with our designs and computers with some videos. When I looked around I liked a roller coaster with a high point then a loop inside a box a hill and then loop on the end that hit a bell. I saw lots of videos some were fails some worked some roller coaster videos worked but there roller coaster didn’t work any more. but I just really like looking at peoples really detail plans with lots of things about forces like gravity, g force, friction and momentum and really intrusting things.


I really liked do this there were lots of trails and errors doing my roller coaster but it was fun to I think that one of the most important things were your detail deign.With lots of facts about why we did this and the forces but as well as our detail deign we need lots of why we did that how we did it on you blog. But you had to answer why and how and it had it be intrusting I think my main aim was to get my roller coaster done.

February 24

Cereal Box Marble Run

Marble run with cereal box!

Session 1

Today we made a marble run. I thought it was a great idea.

We had to use 30cm of sticky tape, a cereal box and scissors.

At the start we made a plan. I thought I could cut it out into a L shape then put little ramps with holes in them, all the way down to the bottom and then a big ramp. Then I wanted it to go straight across and then down into the hole.

This is how my plan looked like I thought it was pretty good but I thought it could be better next time.

The night before we hade to bring a box in to make our marble run.

It was hard to cut the L shape out because it couldn’t be wonky. I had 2 little ramps with holes in them and a ramp like a little stair case. I tried it for the first time and it worked that was amazing I thought it would not work. The first time I thought it might go through the one hole and then skip 1 and go down the ramp.

Session 2

It was very easy renaming it and putting it into a file. My film turned out not the best at the start because at the start I cut off the start each time but then I did it. Movie maker made my video better I put a title in the video.

please click the link to see my marble run video


Session 3

This is my second plan, it had a set of stairs and a ramp, it looked like this it was much better.

I think my second design was better than my first because my second had more detail.In my design I had a set of stairs and a ramp and then a hole for it to go out. With the design when I did the first trial, it didn’t work because the stairs didn’t work, they broke it was annoying but then I took the stairs away. I Put another ramp, then I put a funnel as well, it worked I was amazed because I thought it would not work at all.

Here is the video of my marble run.


I enjoyed this project a lot and learnt about momentum and friction!