August 15

How my thinking and learning has changed


                                                                    I have changed








I look at the world differently  by seeing, hearing and finding. I notice more animals like a spotted pardalote and I can find,  and hear other birds as well.

I think more deeply and have bigger ideas in writing and not just quantity of words but quality. For  example in one piece I  wrote “dainty drops silently fall, calm rain, silver rain, trickling on trees”. Last year I definitely couldn’t do writing like this.☔

I have discovered that there are a lot more grains in the soil and the other half is space or water. There is a lot more life in the soil than I thought there would be. If we didn’t  have soil we wouldn’t  be alive because the trees wouldn’t give us oxygen they would be dead and trees need soil to survive other wise their roots would burn .

One of the biggest  highlights is ponding. So far this term we have caught freshwater shrimp, water bugs, nymphs, and fish at the barwon river. When I dip my net in I get all excited because I don’t know what I am going to catch.  I now look to see what is in the water not just on top in the air. I wonder about what I am going to catch next because there could be other animals that are new to me and another piece of new learning.?

In cooking I have changed by learning more handy life skills like stay away from the  oven when it is on, be careful with knives when you’re chopping food. When we harvest our vegetables or fruit I make sure that I don’t pull the whole plant out. For example when we were cooking, me and my friend were chopping some vegetables  and she cut her finger?

Nude food  I have learnt about plastic and that it is bad for the environment. You eat more healthily if you don’t use plastic. All those things that are on the packet we don’t know most of the ingredients or what we are putting into our mouth.♻

These are some of the changes in my interesting world.

by Ella Zele