December 9



Today we built a robot. First we were put in groups of threes  then we got our blocks and instructions for our robots then we started building our robots it did not take along time but there were some challenges like did we put it back to front or was it right did I put it on the right side and lots other things. It was hard getting the right pieces. l liked it because there were lots of challenges that you had to figure out but that made me think a lot.

I am excited that we can programme them  I really want to programme them because then I can see what these robots can really do I wounder what they can do if I programmed it really well could  it be smarter than me .

What’s Next

Programme my robot and see what it can do.

We did drawing our robots today. We first had to have a very detailed sketch and then name all the parts we could see from that angle and say what they are used for. Here is my sketch from the side of the robot.

Here are some of my explanations. The control panel makes the robot go on and off and forward and backwards and it is its brain it keeps all the information in the control panel. The wires send things from the motor to the control panel. The wheels make it go some where. The  SD slot is for putting photos in the robot.

We also did programing . We had to make our robot do some thing I wanted it to go forward and make a sound but I made it go forward do a turn stop and make some sounds and turn again. Here is a video of my robot working.

 Session 2

Today we did robotics the first challenge was to make our robots go forwards then backwards. we had to make the robots go forwards and backwards in degrees seconds and rotations. It was hard at the start but I got the hang of it. Here is a video of my robot doing the forwards and backwards challenge.

We all so did the diamond baseball challenge we had to make the robot go around something that was square. From the knowledge that we all ready no from the backwards and forwards challenge it was easier for me to do it. Here is a screencast of what I thought the buttons would do.


Now I no what all the buttons do here is another screencast.

robotics 2-1fun5yt

Here is a video of my robot doing the baseball diamond challenge and the panels that I had.


Session 3

Today we learnt about the light sensor first we had to put it on then we learnt what it does. What it does when you go into your program a set do you programing went your robot starts to move forwards or backward if it hits a colour that you programed it to stop on it should stop straight away. We also learnt that you have to program it to stop on the colour you want other wise it will just fall off the table. The first task we were set to do was make the robot go all the way to one colour then stop. There were a few challenges on the way like did I do enough rotations. Did I set it to the right colour. Here is a video of it working.

Next we were set the challenge to make our go to one colour then stop then go back to the other colour.  The first bit was easy I just made a copy of it from the other program. Which was 4 rotations then stop on blue. But I did not no what to do next so I did some experiments with it. But then I did two  play buttons to which means you can do to programs at once or one after the other. But  then I worked it out but I did not get a video of it.




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