Passion Project #Description

For my passion project this term I think I am going to make a small wooden horse for my snowy pop and I am not sure what I am going to make for my nonna, but I am going to make something that they love out of wood. I am really looking forward to giving this to them and seeing the end product. I think all I am going to need is sand paper wood and a saw and I will be fine. I will try and make something like this except much smaller, and probably not as good.

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Passion Project

 So far I have finished my shot list, mum and i are going to start to start filming in week 7, then I will have it edited and all finished by the end of the term. I have definitely learned that planning out what you are going to do makes it much more easy instead of quickly finding a time or leaving it to the last minute. the biggest challenge I have faced is definitely finding the right time to do it and trying not to copy a short film that inspired me too much. My movie is going to be about dad digging a hole and we will never know what he is digging for, that is the main curiosity aspect of my film.

#Description Passion Project 2

My idea for my passion project this term is making a movie about curiosity for the ACMI screen it competition. The main reason I chose to make a movie for my passion project is because my biggest passion is making movies, and I want to get better at producing films and actually entering it into a competition. I am also going to test out all the effects on my camera and hopefully get to know it better. My whole film is going too be based around the quote down here. I cant wait to see my end result.Image result for best curiosity quotes for a film

Passion Project #Update

IImage result for bath full of lollies am half way finished through my filming for my sugar film. So far I have explained what natural sugar is and how it is better than processed sugar. I have also included a little story at the start. I have got a bit overwhelmed when I was explaining what natural sugar was for some reason. The next step is to plan more scenes and then to film them with more cool facts then do some experiments to show how bad sugar really is.  


Sorry I could get a photo of my real film yet, I hope that’s ok. 🙂