Digital Etiquette

Today we watched a video of Moby and Tim to show us what a digital etiquette is.

Netiquette-Netiquette means nearly the same as etiquette, the only difference is that etiquette means real life and netiquette means online. They are a set of rules online.

Flame wars- A flame war is really just a fight, but online. It is when 2 or more people are arguing, being rude or throwing hate at the other person. 

Trolls- Trolls are like trolls in real life, mean, ugly and rude except online again. it is someone who wants to purposely start a flame war.

Anonymous- John do, is a name that people can use if they want to be anonymous. It is when someone doesn’t want their true identity to be known.

Communicating clearly-

1) If you use CAPITALS the receiver might think you are yelling

2) If you are being sarcastic the receiver might think you are serious

3) Reread what you are about to send, post or text.

Permission- If you want to post or send something that might be personal to someone else ask their permission before you do it because they might not want anyone to see it.

What does Tim mean when he says ‘Once your message is out, it’s out’?

I think it means if you send something it has sent forever and you cannot get it back, so that’s why you have to read over it so its not in capitals or clearly sarcastic and not mistaken.

Think Online

Today we learned how to behave online. I don’t have any social media apps or that type of stuff but what I learned was that you should always think before you do something online. I also learned that you wouldn’t go up to someone and treat them badly in person but on online you might treat each other differently which Is not good.T=you have to be honest. H= You have to be helpful not unhelpful?. I=inspire others. N= is it needed or necessary. K= is it kind, will it make someone happy?



For this poster I had the exact same words