Passion Project #Reflection

My passion project went really well this term. I did what I wanted to do and I am quite proud of my end product. I originally wanted to do something to do with curiosity and i am happy i did because I wasn’t quite sure on what to do. My biggest challenge was definitely making the music, it was very time consuming and it was hard to get the timing right and to choose the right mood for that scene. the easiest part was probably editing, because i didn’t have to do much because most of the sound effects were part of the music so that was really easy. All I had to do to make the music making easier was finding the right time to do it so i don’t get stressed thinking that I really need to do it. If i were to extend on this project, I would probably put more time into my shotlists so I can make my movie even more emotional and dramatic to make it clear to the audience of what I am feeling.

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