For my comparison task, I chose japan because I find japan one of the coolest country in the world. Mainly because I have been there but i still find it awesome!

These are 3 different things in japan compared to Australia…

~Onsen- Japanese people relax in traditional hot springs with natural heating called Onsen. Australian people mostly use a bath, which is not natural or traditional.

~Hoteiosho- Hoteiosho is like Christmas for Japanese people but most of them are not Cristian so they made their own Christmas. There is no Santa or anything, they give each other gifts.

~Kimono- Their traditional clothing is called a kimonos which is like a robe that you can wear any where. while we wear casual clothes and we don’t really have any traditional clothing.

These are 3 similarities that japan and Australia have…

~We both have red on our flag. The red sun on the Japanese, and the outline on the Australian.

~We both eat sushi, at sushi restaurants.

~We both like relaxing, when we need to.

This is what I would find interesting if I lived in japan

~I would find eating sushi every night interesting to see if I get sick of it. ( I don’t think i would!)

This is what I would find Challenging if I lived in japan

~ Probably getting around to different places on the subways. They are always busy!


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