Week 1

in Tinkering my group and I are making an paint spinner which spins pain to make a cool painting. we are using is a DVD player and have taken out the part that spins the DVDs. At the start of this week i didn’t know what makey makey were but know i know you can program it to spin on the computer on scratch then make it spin in the real world.

This is what we are hoping to make.

Session 2

This has been the best week ever. We got nearly every thing finished after we found out we don’t need to use makey makey. I learned that we didn’t have to use makey makeys we just had to use some thing that we tinkered before. Earlier in the week my group and i went up to it to get some thing down loaded on to our laptop but it didn’t work so we were so happy when we heard we didn’t need to use makey makeys.

WIN_20171103_13_01_39_Pro.mp4 Is this a link?

Session 3

This week has been all over the shop a few sessions we were finishing our sewing reflection then we went to electronics then the next day only 12 people got to go to electronics so we just did our tinkering project, and were are so close to finishing it.




Session 4

This week we have 3D printed a stand for our motor but it didn’t fit so me hot glued a knex piece then we hot glued the motor to the knex and now we are letting it dry. hopefully we get to test it.  We have finally finished!

here is the video



Session 5

We have finally completed our project and it worked first shot! It worked perfectly and it made cool patterns. Our group was very happy.

Here is the video of it working and the phots of the art.

Week 6

This week we dismantled our spinner and it is all over. We succeeded and we were happy with our end result. Sadly this was our last design session but i definitely learned a lot! 


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