Robotics Term 3

Week 1

i was very happy this week because today was the fist time i figured out how to make a robot follow a black line. it was also the first time i figured out my first program with out getting help. i really got the hang of it when i looked at the blocks really closely it made much more sense.

i was very happy as you can see in the video.

Week 2

This week was a lot harder than last week. Sadly i wasn’t successful but I think I will get there next robotics week. I did get a few hints from my friend but then i wanted to figure the rest out myself. I don’t think I was successful because i used different robots every day because other people took my one and then I had to check the ports then edit the program. Here is a short clip of my work.

Week 3

Squiggly line

the video was too big to fit

1 lap

basic line

start touch stop