Black Water

This book will keep you on the edge of you seat the whole way through. A boy called Brodie is going to his holiday house and he has asked a girl called Pauline to go out with him to the movies. His cousin Alex was there who Brodie doesn’t like, he didn’t think this holiday could get worse until he took Alex swimming and found Pauline on the toadstool with a boy called Otis. Brodie tickled pualines feet and Otis pulled pualine too hard then Brodie and then Otis and Pauline fell into the Blackwater. Brodie tried to save them but he was to late. He lied to the police until finally he told the police man called Raoul. Raoul was disappointed that Brodie lied to him but he was glad he told him in the end. This was a really good book.

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Allegro day

A few days ago all of the year fives got together at senior school for allegro day. we spent nearly all day warming up and playing games, my favourite game was when we had to figure out the rhythm of the song witch they were playing. The rest of it was rehearsing and warming up. All together we played three songs called allegro con brio, trumpet a go go and go go allegro. i think i did well in the performance even though i was a bit nervous.