Lego Robotics

Session 1

Today we started Lego robotics. It was quite fun but at the same time very challenging. First we got to practise getting use to programing, we had to write down every step to do a certain job like to open a door or pick up something. After that we got to start making our robots. This was the best part because we got to make an actual robot!

Session 2

Today we had to draw a picture of our robots, we had to be very detailed and accurate. Once we finished our picture we had to label the pieces and then write down what they are there for. We had to do two drawing but I got so stuck in with my first i couldn’t finish the last one. After that we started coding. We went through the coding tiles and we learned what they do, then we had a practice and tested but i didn’t get to test because our robot wasn’t working. After that we got asked to do a challenge, the challenge was to get the robot to go forwards then backwards but it had to be measured by angles seconds and there was a another measurement but i forgot the last one.

1st                                                                                2nd

Session 3

Today we continued with our challenge. i found it really hard to test the robot because when they explained how to down load the program in to the robot i was repairing my robot. i don’t really know how to find my program on my robot or if it was the correct one.

Session 4

Today was a total disaster! At the start of robotics we had to change our brick and today we had to again and that didn’t work so WE HAD TO REBUILD THE WHOLE ROBOT AGAIN! And then we didn’t get to test it out. It was so frustrating i went to finish my blog. It turned out i had the right program it was just part of the robot that wasn’t working.

Here are some pictures

Session 5

Today was my first robotics for a week, and the first time our robot worked! It is sort of good and sort of bad at the same time because, firstly i barely know how to make it work properly but it is good that we wont have to keep trying to make it work.  We attached the touch sensor today and i didn’t understand it at all, then we went on to the ultra sonic sensor, and all i knew what to do is how to attach it! because i was showing my mum and nonna my rube Goldberg machine.

Session 6

Today my computer was flat for half the session so i charged then i finished of my blog, then got on with what i had to do, the bad thing was that i am the only one in my group and i didn’t under stand what to do. So i asked someone for help then i got a program finished but right before i was about to test it was time to pack up!

Session 7

Today i got to test the ultra sonic sensor, it is  so cool how it actually measures the exacted measurement. I also got the touch sensor challenge, with a bit of help from my friend the video is down below. I think i am starting to under stand the programing a bit better now but i am still far behind every one else. It was still hard with no group members to ask for a bit of help but i still managed.

here is the ultra sonic sensor.


Why do you think people invented robots?

I think people invented robots to do jobs for us, and also because we are a bit lazy. some of the jobs they could be doing are to dangerous for humans to do like defusing a bomb, exploring dangerous places or operating.

What is a program?

A program is something that tells the robot what to do eg ( go forward 7 steps ). A program has to be very specific. A program can be done with a computer, voice or made into the robot. A good way to understand programing is a program called micro worlds.

What is needed to make a robot work?

Well i think you would need metal wires and electricity would be the simplest way to make a robot. You could also use wood and pullies to, it mite take less time to make but it wouldn’t do as much stuff as an electric robot.

What is a robot?

A robot is like a human but made out of different materials. In the 1950s they were scientific fantasy robots but now they are fully functioning robots. When i am older i really don’t want robots to take over my career because no one will be able to make money a then every body will be poor.

Rube Goldberg Machines

 are starting rube Goldberg machines, rube Goldberg machines are machines that are very complex but to do simple things like open a can or turn on a light.

Rube Goldberg challenge

Today we were put to the test to make a rube Goldberg machine in 2 hours. I found this really hard because we didn’t have the best idea to put a piece of paper in the rubbish bin, and i was also too worried about getting it finished in time, and the last problem was that we didn’t even get our design finished properly! other than all of them it was quite fun.

Session 1 (simple machines)


Today we started to get a proper idea of what simple machines we can use in our rube Goldberg machines. The aim was to make a simple machine out of knex. We chose our groups and started building. My group decided to make old fashion scales, it was quite a challenge because some of the knex weren’t fitting in the right place.                                    simple machines-1avbked


For our second session on simple machines we focused on pullies. First we started of by making a simple pullie with 1 of the things you will see in the photo ( I don’t know what they are called). Then we made a double one that was stronger than the first one. and then we made one that had four of them. The first were easier than I thought but the last one was the biggest challenge. I found the last one hard because it was really hard to get the string in the right position.

Lego Machines

Today me made Lego machines. We got to make a triggered hammer. The biggest challenge of all was finding the pieces, in fact i probably spent half of the session trying to find the pieces! This wasn’t very challenging for me because you don’t learn by trying to find pieces of Lego, but putting it together was easy. I didn’t get to finish it off the next day because I was at cross country.

this video is 16 times its own speed and it still looks like it would take a long time to find the pieces! (it originally went for 30 minuets)

Simple Machine

This was the best activity to do to finish simple machines. We gathered every thing we made and made one whole big simple machine. the biggest challenge was to make the pulley work because the marble keep on missing the tub. On our first official attempt we got it on film and strait away, but the we had to make the scales work as scales not a platform. I will definitely try and use these machines in the real rube Goldberg project.

Session 2

Today was my first rube Goldberg lesson because i was sick the other day, but luckily i got my plan finished in time. Our goal is to poor a cup of water. After we finished our plan we got to start building, we got told that if we build the simple machines separate all we need to do is test them and then find a way to join after, not spending half the time on figuring out a way to join it before you have even tested it or built it. My group didn’t seem to be cooperating with me because they were getting distracted and then made it much harder. We got to make a pulley but it doesn’t really look right so we might have to re make it.

Session 3

Today my group got a lot finished. we redesigned some part and fixed them. we got rid of the dominoes and replaced it with a toy train track. we changed the pullie after i wrecked because it wasn’t working, then we came up with a much more smarter idea. it was to get rid of the plat form that was holding the pullie and then attach the pullie to the end of the tunnel. all we need to do next is make the pulley string shorter. 

Session 4

Today it was a shorter session . i found it really annoying because my group was calling me the passenger and they just keep bringing stuff up that he does much more than me. We didn’t get to shorten the pulley string but all we really is make the starting point higher. I don’t think we will get it finished in time.

Session 5

Today my group was a bit better. it started off like yesterday but after an hour better. The bad thing was when i built knex tower, i needed this one piece but it had a little ball in it and i needed to get it out so i asked Mr Colbert and he went to all the effort to get it out but as soon as i got back to my group they have already made a different tower, and mr Colbert went to all that work for nothing.

this was the ball

Session 6

today we got a lot finished considering we only had 2 people in our group. this is our last week on rube Goldberg so i said to my self we better get a move on, and that’s exactly what we did. I changed my design so it matched the machine and we got the spinning object and got that into place, now all we need to do is get the other plat forms and the water bottle and then connect it together and then test and test and test.  

Session 7

today we didn’t get het much finished. This was really bad because we should have been finishing off the rest of our machine. all we really did was test and redesign then some times break it accidently. We had to do a video but we forgot to start it today so we have a lot of pressure on us for tomorrow.

Session 8 (last session)

today you wouldn’t believe how much we got done today in 2 hours. today we changed our design again and changed the purpose of the machine! we got rid of the pullie and changed it to another tube, then what our machines purpose was to play a game, the game is actually really addictive when it works! We got the videos for the videos finished and all we need to do now is film ourselves for the video saying how we think the group went and if our machine was good or not.


To be honest i didn’t think we were going to get this far with our rube Goldberg machines because it just wasn’t working until the last 3 session, we started to under stand how long we had left to finish it and that we could change our design. After all i am really happy with our rube Goldberg machine. The only thing that isn’t that good about our machine is that i think it is WWAAYY too simple, because the only simple machines are inclined planes/tubes and ramps. Thank you teachers for bringing this task into my learning!




Angle Investigation

Today I investigated how to use a protractor. At first I thought it was a funny looking ruler but now I realized how helpful they can be. It was a challenge getting use to the protractor because of all of the numbers on it but when you look properly at it realize it isn’t that hard.

This is  the games James and I got right on the spot                                                                                using a protractor.                                                                          And this is a protractor                        







And here are some of the other games we played