Term 1 Reflection

This term has gone so fast but I have learned so much over the last 9 weeks, but my top three highlights of the term have been getting to regionals in swimming, making roller coasters and learning about Don Bradman.


I love swimming so it meant a lot to me that I got to this level. I got into butterfly, backstroke leg in the medley and freestyle relay. i liked the freestyle relay the most because I was with some of my best friends and standing on the podium, it meant a lot to me. Butter fly was easy to get into because there were only three competitors in the race, but the sad thing was only two people can get in a I knew those two people really well.

Roller Coasters

I have never made something like this but I have always wanted to do a project like this. I really loved when we got the roller coaster to work because we now knew what was wrong and we could easily fix it again also the feeling it is a great feeling when something important works!!!

Don Bradman

Don Bradman was an awesome person to learn about because it was based in the great depression and victor got to meet Don Bradman and create a strong relation ship with him. I never thought life could be that hard in the olden days. We also learned about body line and how Douglas Jardine  wanted to wicket Don Bradman before he made Australia win again.

Our Don Bradman

This book is about a boy called victor McDonald, it is based in the great depression. In the book there are a lot of twist, my favourite one is when victor is trying to get to sleep but he hears strange voices in the kitchen then he got up to check what it was and it was Don Bradman sitting down with his mum having a cup of tea!! My favourite character was victor and don because victor is like me and I really liked how nice Don Bradman was. I would recommend this book to kids that get spoiled because it was based in the great depression and kids back then didn’t get spoiled that much so they under stand how lucky they are. I would rate this book 4 and a half stars.Image result for our don bradman


Wood Work Cars!

Today we had Anatoli come in to do some wood works. We made these awesome cars, they had friction gear boxes and a driver. I chose an Alpha Romeo to make. I learned how to saw  curves and I also learned what a vice is. This was an interesting fun and educational experience. Now we are up to painting our cars.

Thank you Anatoli!!! 

                          Here is my car                                                                     and Here is a friction gear box


Today we started testing our cars. We did it on three different surfaces, the oval, the tennis court, and the class room. The tennis court worked best for me because it was smooth and hard. There was only one problem, my wheels went glued on properly and they keep going side ways making it hard to be accurate with measuring the distance. After we tested we filled in a sheet and then we did a perfect graph, but mine wasn’t that perfect! 


Just a dog by Michael Gerard Bauer

We just finished the book just a dog.

It is a very emotional novel, it is some times sad and some times happy. To me Mr Mosley as the one that the family together and happy but when he died they fell apart and very sad. i think the author was trying to tell us that when something really bad happens it is not the end of the world but it is ok to get sad. i can under stand how Corey felt because i lost my dog last year and ever since that i have been a bit lonely, but our dog didn’t hold our family together because he annoyed a lot of people and he was too protective☹. i felt bad for the family because before sumo my 2nd dog i had two other dogs and they died at the age of 13 and 12 but i was just like Corey and didn’t want to cry when they died, but i did.Image result for just a dog

Centripetal Force

Centripetal force is a spinning force that causes the object to move in a circle. Being spun to be forced away from the center. If you have been on the Gravitron at a theme park you would know what it would feel like. In the video below you can see the water in the bucket doesn’t fall out when spun in a circle. This is an example of centripetal force where the arm is providing the force.