Roller Coaster

For our second project of the year we are designing roller coasters, the aim is to build a small working roller coaster. The carriage is a marble and the track will be a pipe.

Session 1

Today we designed a practice design to under stand what is coming up. We had to include a lot of scientific words like potential energy, momentum and friction. We did this to under stand the physics of a roller will help with the second design that we will actually build.

Session 2

Today I finished my practice design, then I started to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.  I have used a box for the support poles to hold it up. I realized that the marble keeps getting stuck in the middle of the pipe so we might have to change our plans. I think I need it to be more exiting.


Session 3

We have now changed our design and it looking much better, we have been asked if we could move our roller coaster but we couldn’t so we took off the long white pipe and made every thing inside the box. From one of my fails I found out that if you bend the pipe the marble gets stuck and you have to take the whole thing apart. Now we are attempting to put in a loop to make it more exiting.

Session 4

Today I had to work on my blogs, I had to finish my blogs then we could start making our roller coasters again. I finished off session 3 as you can see.

Session 5

Today I did my real design for my roller coaster. We have changed our design again so we can do the loop. I didn’t want to do the new design but my team said it will work so I went with it. Now it has enough momentum to do a loop. Next week we are joining our roller coaster with another groups roller coaster to make one big working roller coaster. One of the problems is the new design might be to hard to transport from one place to an other.

Session 6

It turns out we can’t even stick the starting pipe to the wall so we have to change our plans again, we have decided, when we join another group our roller coaster will be the end of the big roller coaster. I also finished my real design today and I feel better with the new design.

Session 7

We have changed our design for the last time because our box had too many holes in it and it was getting jammed a lot to. we have created a big kneks support pole because our loop wasn’t stable enough. the box is 120 cm tall and 15 cm wide, I feel even more happier with our new design because it will be a great start to the big roller coaster. I think we are ready to join another group.

Session 8

Today I wasted half of the session trying to record my voice  for my blog. The other half I was blogging about session 8, sounds great! we have also joined another group and we are al ready successful. Today we got asked to make the starting point also the finishing point, it has put us into a lot of trouble because we aren’t thinking properly. My team wants to get rid of the box but there is no point on doing that because we won’t get a new box in time. Every thing else is perfect except for the starting and the finishing.

Session 9

This is our last session doing our roller coaster. we have finally worked out a way to finish and every thing works perfectly. All we really had to was keep on testing and fixing until every thing works exactly on the dot perfect, and it is. We also left our roller coaster and went to see every one else’s, it was interesting to see how different others think and what other cool roller coasters the have made.

Here are some photos and videos.



This is the end of our coaster

Just a Dog

Just a dog is a story about a dog and a family. Corey and Mr Mosley are the main characters and Corey tells us lots of crazy stories about Mr Mosley and his family, it is an emotional book because there are sad story  and funny stories. My favorite story was when the fish hook caught Mr Mosley and Corey and dad had to take him to the vet to get the hook removed, Corey felt sick and fainted and then he smashed his head on the reception desk. After that Mr Mosley and Corey looked the same.Mr Mosley is a dalmatian cross something else.i think the next story about Mr Mosley will be about Mr Mosley doing something very cute.

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Cereal Box Marble Roller


Our first project for the year was to make a marble run from a cereal box. We made our first one to get an idea of the project. We learnt what works and what doesn’t and were able to refine our design and make a second improved version. Some of the improvements I made were to use less sticky tape in certain areas and I ended up with 4cm left of sticky tape. The goal for the second marble run was to make the marble go from top to bottom as slow as possible. The way to do that was by putting in funnels, ramps and the angle of the slide. it was tricky using the limited amount of sticky tape wisely because I had to put in 1 funnel ( = 2 ramps) and 4 slides. the other challenging bit was to get the angles right so the marble doesn’t get stuck of fall off. i enjoyed the challenge of designing our own marble run because I learn a lot and it fun being successful.