Mulch Day

img_5692On mulch day we went to the Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre and the Mulch Centre. There were lots of interesting things to learn there.

 They made mulch out of old crates and the stuff that you put in the green bin. When it is mulched, it gets hot, starts to steam and sometimes can even catch fire. They told us the process of making the mulch. First they get wood and green waste, then it gets munched up. After that they can put colors in them such as black or red and it can be normal wood with out any color. Adrian said that we should avoid, reuse and recycle. I thought Adrian had one of the coolest jobs in the world because he gets  to help the world and help other people while making money at the same time.

At Drysdale we got a tour in a bus. I learned that birds go to the centre and try and find old food that we have thrown out. The centre holds all of the rubbish from Geelong and the local suburbs around. They use general waste  and recycling. I felt inspired after going to Drysdale because I saw what they go through and were it goes.