Mount Rothwell

Mount Rothwell was cool. We got there and settled in and had some food, during that time we saw a big Emu. Then we left to our activities in our groups. my first activity was the long walk we saw so many brush tailed rock wallabies. When we got back we did some art with fine liners and paint to paint it. I learned that Bern was an illustrator for a lot of books that are cool books. I did a drawing of mount Roth well with the rocks and the brush tailed rock wallabies. next we did something called scats tracks and other traces , I learned a lot from this. I never new that that you could tell what animal it was because of it’s poo and it’s teeth and bones. I found a really big sugar ant burrow, it was made out of a fallen down tree. The last activity was cold and sort of fun. we saw heaps of cute animals. I learned that there are a lot more animals that are nocturnal. Mount Rothwell was so coolest in the dark.