Fennel Fail!

DSCN0214My pot to plate was a fail! It is at the stage of dead seed probably. I checked the soil nearly ever day and it still did not GROW! I really wish it was not a fail, then I could of kept growing it until it was a full bulb of fennel. I am making a fennel salad, the only thing I hope is that every body will like it then it won’t be that much of a failure. I think it was over the holidays when it started to die. I think I watered it well enough for it to stay alive for long enough for it to grow a whole bulb of fennel. Probably next time I will put it in the sun more and put the seeds more closer to the top of the pot so it gets more sun and can grow more easily. Instead of not growing anything I put a few carrots in my pot. I feel like I should of grown something that I know will be ready in time like carrots. At the start of the year I really wanted to grow potatoes but they weren’t in the right season or they took too long to grow.    

Onion or Fennel?

On Pot to Plate Day I thought people would at least try my fennel salad but no one did! I asked Jonny to have some and he liked it. Everyone else thought it was raw onion. I think I could of put less salt in it. Richard thought it was one of the best platters on the whole table! Richard was so nice, he showed me how to cut the fennel properly. I think if I was around different people they might of tried it and if my fennel salad wasn’t surrounded by other giant bowls. It looked like my salad was in a box, it was so surrounded by big things. I wasn’t very happy when we stopped eating because there was still a whole plate of fennel left. I think my favorite sweet platter was Charlie’s carrot cake, my favorite savory dish was Curtis’s pie and my favorite salad was mine and Tom’s carrot and cucumber salad. Tom’s had lots of yummy goats cheese on it.

I learned that it takes a lot of work and thinking to grow fennel. I thought at the start that this was going to be fun but is was sad. It was a bit fun and depressing. Sometimes I felt angry and a lot of other emotions! I think home grown would be better because it would of been fresh and organic. If it was from the shop (which it was) it might have come from overseas and got lots of chemicals on it. The fuel from the plane engine is bad for the environment. I wonder how many chemicals are in one bulb of fennel?