Passion Project #Reflection

My passion project went really well this term. I did what I wanted to do and I am quite proud of my end product. I originally wanted to do something to do with curiosity and i am happy i did because I wasn’t quite sure on what to do. My biggest challenge was definitely making the music, it was very time consuming and it was hard to get the timing right and to choose the right mood for that scene. the easiest part was probably editing, because i didn’t have to do much because most of the sound effects were part of the music so that was really easy. All I had to do to make the music making easier was finding the right time to do it so i don’t get stressed thinking that I really need to do it. If i were to extend on this project, I would probably put more time into my shotlists so I can make my movie even more emotional and dramatic to make it clear to the audience of what I am feeling.


 For my comparison task, I chose japan because I find japan one of the coolest country in the world. Mainly because I have been there but i still find it awesome!

These are 3 different things in japan compared to Australia…

~Onsen- Japanese people relax in traditional hot springs with natural heating called Onsen. Australian people mostly use a bath, which is not natural or traditional.

~Hoteiosho- Hoteiosho is like Christmas for Japanese people but most of them are not Cristian so they made their own Christmas. There is no Santa or anything, they give each other gifts.

~Kimono- Their traditional clothing is called a kimonos which is like a robe that you can wear any where. while we wear casual clothes and we don’t really have any traditional clothing.

These are 3 similarities that japan and Australia have…

~We both have red on our flag. The red sun on the Japanese, and the outline on the Australian.

~We both eat sushi, at sushi restaurants.

~We both like relaxing, when we need to.

This is what I would find interesting if I lived in japan

~I would find eating sushi every night interesting to see if I get sick of it. ( I don’t think i would!)

This is what I would find Challenging if I lived in japan

~ Probably getting around to different places on the subways. They are always busy!


Passion Project

 So far I have finished my shot list, mum and i are going to start to start filming in week 7, then I will have it edited and all finished by the end of the term. I have definitely learned that planning out what you are going to do makes it much more easy instead of quickly finding a time or leaving it to the last minute. the biggest challenge I have faced is definitely finding the right time to do it and trying not to copy a short film that inspired me too much. My movie is going to be about dad digging a hole and we will never know what he is digging for, that is the main curiosity aspect of my film.

#Description Passion Project 2

My idea for my passion project this term is making a movie about curiosity for the ACMI screen it competition. The main reason I chose to make a movie for my passion project is because my biggest passion is making movies, and I want to get better at producing films and actually entering it into a competition. I am also going to test out all the effects on my camera and hopefully get to know it better. My whole film is going too be based around the quote down here. I cant wait to see my end result.Image result for best curiosity quotes for a film

Passion Project #Reflection

Towards the end I was adding as I went and nothing changed to what I originally wanted going to do, all i did was add to the film. The two challenges i faced were finding the right time to do it and stressing over finishing it, but I eventually overcome these challenges which definitely made my project better. If I were to continue this project I would probably go on a sugar diet and explain the effect of having lots of sugar compared to what effects that happen when you are off sugar. Sorry I couldn’t get an image yet.Image result for sugar

Win At The Fair

Starting Point

At the start, I partnered up with ditch to play the losing game. In our class data it definitely showed that this game was loosing money, the main reason was that the minimum prize, 20c was at the top and the only numbers that would get it up there were 6,7 and 8, which makes it one of the lower chance ones to land on.

The Problem

I wasn’t here for the problem but I tried my best to understand it. The main reason I think my game is enticing is that the top prize is $400, and because the prize is so big it will distract the player from the chances, and if one of the players is smart enough to look at the chances he or she will see that you can role a 2 to go left (There is only one way to role a 2) and a 1 (For extra enticement even though it is impossible to role a 1) and a 12 to go right (There is also only 1 way to role a 12) and of course another 1 to go right for enticement.

Official Board

For my official game board my tally of ten games turned out to be ok, I got 6 20c winners and 4 25c winners, which means the total that got put in to play was $10, the total I had to give out was $2.20, so the total I made was $7.80. On the software in 1000 games, my best average per game was 22c, so that means on average every game I make 78c.


In one of the lessons my main goal was to find out which number on 2 dice has the least chance of being rolled. That’s were I got 2 and 12 from, and that’s what i think boosted my game. the other reason my game is quite enticing is that i actually showed my mum my game board and she said “I would definitely play your game zephy, but it is a bit of a gamble”. And I was looking at her eyes and not once did she look at the chances even though I mentioned it to her! As i said my average per game was 78 cents on the software, so that proves that my game will profit the school some money.




Digital Etiquette

Today we watched a video of Moby and Tim to show us what a digital etiquette is.

Netiquette-Netiquette means nearly the same as etiquette, the only difference is that etiquette means real life and netiquette means online. They are a set of rules online.

Flame wars- A flame war is really just a fight, but online. It is when 2 or more people are arguing, being rude or throwing hate at the other person. 

Trolls- Trolls are like trolls in real life, mean, ugly and rude except online again. it is someone who wants to purposely start a flame war.

Anonymous- John do, is a name that people can use if they want to be anonymous. It is when someone doesn’t want their true identity to be known.

Communicating clearly-

1) If you use CAPITALS the receiver might think you are yelling

2) If you are being sarcastic the receiver might think you are serious

3) Reread what you are about to send, post or text.

Permission- If you want to post or send something that might be personal to someone else ask their permission before you do it because they might not want anyone to see it.

What does Tim mean when he says ‘Once your message is out, it’s out’?

I think it means if you send something it has sent forever and you cannot get it back, so that’s why you have to read over it so its not in capitals or clearly sarcastic and not mistaken.

Think Online

Today we learned how to behave online. I don’t have any social media apps or that type of stuff but what I learned was that you should always think before you do something online. I also learned that you wouldn’t go up to someone and treat them badly in person but on online you might treat each other differently which Is not good.T=you have to be honest. H= You have to be helpful not unhelpful?. I=inspire others. N= is it needed or necessary. K= is it kind, will it make someone happy?



For this poster I had the exact same words




Passion Project #Update

IImage result for bath full of lollies am half way finished through my filming for my sugar film. So far I have explained what natural sugar is and how it is better than processed sugar. I have also included a little story at the start. I have got a bit overwhelmed when I was explaining what natural sugar was for some reason. The next step is to plan more scenes and then to film them with more cool facts then do some experiments to show how bad sugar really is.  


Sorry I could get a photo of my real film yet, I hope that’s ok. 🙂