I’ve had  enjoyed my last 2 weeks of Legowedo it started with 2 tubs of Lego and motor Then we would go on this app called software which is a app that has instructions on how to built Lego.

when we have built it you can program it to go backwards forwards and even more! in my group I had Thavinsa an Katie in my group. We made singing birds an aeroplane and a crocodile.

Bombing of Darwin

I Recommend you read the Bombing of Darwin book because it’s a emotional story about a boy named Tom who experiences War with his family.The main characters were his mum, dad and himself. My favourite character were all of them because they all had interesting happenings in their life during that time.

What am I going to do to help life on earth?

When I go to the beach I see a lot of plastic that gets left there, do you know what can happen with that plastic if it ends up in the ocean? it can harm a of sea creatures; as they more often than not, end up eating it and it can make sea creatures LOOSE THERE LIFE.

I’m going to warn my parents about plastic because plastic is a huge enemy to sea creatures and if we recycle it could make a difference to the environment.

How can we make our best tomorrow?

I used to think that using balloons was fun for flying in the air, but I now know that balloons can harm sea animals when they eat them.

I used to think that the cutting of trees was good for making wood, but I now know that chopping down trees doesn’t leave any homes for bird life.

I used to think that plastic bags wouldn’t harm the environment, but now I know plastic takes a long time to break down.

I used to think that the ocean was a beautiful place, but now I know that lots of rubbish ends up in the sea.


The impact of the enviro year on me

Mt Rothwell

Last week on Thursday, the year 4 students and I went to MT Rothwell. I learnt that the wire fence, which is very dangerous to touch, keeps out wild cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits. Because it has electric wire that can really shock a lot it’s very interesting.

When I looked up a book that shows animal skats learning all different types of size and shapes that look like I noticed there were small holes everywhere on the ground. I enjoyed painting the animals. The funny part was cockroaches caught jumping on my page. I loved painting the nature around me.

























































The impact of the enviro year on me

MT Rothwell

Last week on Thursday, the year 4 students and I went to MT Rothwell.

I’ve learnt at MT Rothwell was the wire who caps out wild cats dogs foxes and rabbits which is very dangerous to touch

Because it has elertrce wire that can really sting if you touch

And it was very interesting when I looked up a book that shows animal skat the now I know what kangaroo skat looks like

And I notice there were small holes everywhere on the ground and I

learnt that animals sleep at night because eagles stays up at daytime and they might get eaten what I and I enjoyed painting the animals the funny part was cockroaches on jumping on my page and I loved painting the trees, grass, cockroaches and I liked passing the page on to the person because