Passion project 2

I have successfully token all the photos that I need of the forest, luckily I saw a kangaroo but I completely forgot to take a photo of it but lucky enough I have taken the photos on my phone emailing them on my computer

I think I will print out the photos stinking them into a little book or my album but that’s what I’m planning on doing and sketching little details and designs on  the side of the book so it would look creative I guess.

I think I’m going to present my photography with a slide show maybe I will do a time lapse with making the little book sticking the photos in.




Passion project


My passion project is going to be photography, I as always passionate about being photographer in the future so why not do a passion project on photography.

My plan is to take the photos with a camera and make a scrapbook out of the photos or an album to present or display to the class but I still cant decide which to choose from,

I’m very delighted to see more things to discover on taking photos of and my target for my project is for year 4s or year 5s and I’m looking forward to see what has developed in my photos.







Birke Baehr TED talk

Birke was only 11 year old and he is very interested with the food system. the messages was we should eat more organic foods because its more healthier. I wasn’t expecting that chemicals being diffused in plants so it could last longer and its not that nutritious and with the conditions of the plants and the environment and to be aware of the food your eating cause you don’t want to get sick right?

the things that are powerful from his ted talk was he was told that pigs were always rolling in mud having a blast and cows were eating grass all day but that was a lie they would be in cages all day and the part were he said his uncle asked his cousin if he wanted the surgery cereal or the organic one for breakfast and he obviously picked the organic one so one person can always make a difference that was really powerful.


Royalty free music




couldn’t upload the greatest show man or IT.


Zoom Cameras

Today in Inquiry, We’ve been learning how to use a Zoom cameras.

When you turn on the camera make sure you turn on the microphone while recording.


to record the camera press the little red button up the top of the camera.

there is also a button up the top of the camera you have to press the button up the top and bring the microphone down because if you don’t push the button and bring the microphone down you will break the microphone.

and also do u know why its called the zoom camera its because its a brand name it actually doesn’t have really good Zooms cause its just a brand name its just an average camera that doesn’t have really good zooms on it.