Humanities 2016

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this post will be following my history and geography work over the course of this year!

  1. China had many  Dynasties with some of them overlapping each other as China wasn’t always unified.

2. The Roman empire conquered most of the known world.

3. The roman empire was influenced by many countries and copied a lot of stuff and made it their own.


Humanities 2016

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This Humanities post will be following the history and geography stuff I have and will do over

Goals for 2016

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Hi guys this my first post for 2016 and I’m really excited about using Edu Blogs again?

In this post as you can see by the title there are going to be my goals for 2016 that I want to achieve. my goals are as follows:

  1.  Get an improved mark in Mathematics


the rest of this post will be updated in time


First New Year EDUBLOGS post!

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Hey Guys welcome back to Edu-blogs I hope everyone had an awesome New Year I know I did all the fireworks on TV , going to people’s own houses and making new year resolutions. Talking of New Year resolutions here are a few of mine.

  1. Do better in school and concentrate more in the classes that aren’t my favourite or my best so I start to like them.
  2. Try to have more of a balance in fun stuff and work

Did you like those if you did comment down below I would like to hear some of yours and maybe put up a best New Year resolutions post! Thanks guys and welcome to 2016!!



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nyy. nyy. nyyooor. How do you even say it? “Nyoora worryen” oh thanks anyway welcome to Australia an awesome country filled with awesome and bizarre things for example lake Hiiler the pure pink lake!!! I bet America hasn’t got one of those! and then the kangaroo funnily enough did you know the kangaroos evolved from one of strangest animals you’ll probably ever hear of the Australian Mega-fauna a carnivorous kangaroo I suppose we’re just lucky they aren’t around anyway want to hear some of the awesome things about Australia be warned its a pretty long list as Australia Is the best place in the world! as everyone knows of course.. 1. for number one the place I mentioned earlier lake Hiller the pure pink lake even scientists have no idea why the color of the water is bright pink!! 2. in this lovely country Australia there are actually more kangaroos then people! Guess you hoping that the carnivorous ones aren’t around eh? 3. Melbourne actually used to be called Batmania maybe it had the most fans in the world in it? 4. did you know that in 1967 our prime minister ( Harold Holt ) decided to go for a swim at the beach and was never seen again!!! 5. the church of Scientology ( yes the one tom cruise is the head of ) actually runs a child labor camp in Australia I thought the kept that kind of stuff for America!? 6. 75% percent of Australia’s living species are actually unknown to man!!!! 7. the town “Docker river” was once invaded yep it was invaded by thirsty camels 6000 to give you an estimate well I wouldn’t be surprised if that where the company thirsty camel was founded!!! 8. did you know that Australia has so many beaches that you could visit one every day for 27 years!!!!? 9. there is a book store in Australia that are wrapped in paper with descriptions on the paper so that no one can judge a boo by its cover!!!???? they must have some crazy librarians 10. thought that you found camels in Saudi Arabia nop Australia actually sends camels over to Saudi Arabia!!! 11. Australia is a the biggest island in the world that is also surround by 8000 smaller islands!! 12. the most deadliest snake in the world can be found in Australia!!! 13. the Gympie Gympie is a plant native to Australia which when is touched it sends a venom through your body which will cause you to vomit in pure agony and when it is touched on the sting it is most likely to kill you and is also powerful enough to kill a fully grown horse!!! 14. who would win a cow or a seriously drunk pig? in 2013 a pig stole 18 beers from a campsite bit into the cans and drunk the beer making  it seriously drunk it then tried to have a fight with a cow!!!

Belgium Travel Journal Post

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Goede Morgan or Hello, I really can’t keep track but back on topic. Today I am doing a travel journal about Belgium yep that little place there surrounded by those four other countries Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Did you know that each of these countries have such an influence on Belgium that the majority speak their own version of these languages (the two main ones are Dutch and French)? Did you know that Belgium is basically split in half as the two main languages ( Dutch and French ) basically have their own Areas? the Dutch speaking Flanders in the north and the French speaking Wallonia in the south!? the rest of this blogs are going to be awesome facts about Belgium.

1. Belgium has More Castles per square Kilometer than any other country in the world!

2. Brussels sprouts have been growing as a food source in Belgium for over 400 years! 3. most beers have their own glass that no other beer can be served in!?

4. 1.6 million of Belgium’s population or 15% are immigrants

5. it ‘s the first country to ever use electronic ID cards!

6. the Brussels airport is the largest and most efficient place where/to sell chocolate!

7. Belgium houses the first casino ever in Europe the “La Redoute” which was opened in 1763.

8. Belgium has the 3 most amount of cars in the world at one time!

9. Belgium is the world’s largest trade center for girls best friend, diamonds!

10. both the name of the European money ( EUROS ) and the design of the currency were proposed by Belgium

Thanks for reading my bog don’t forget to tune in next time I write a Travel Journal Blog

Portugal Travel Journal

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Ola today we are in Portugal 14th and 15th century to be exact. we are following the life of Ferdinand Magellan an explorer for Spain as his own country Portugal wouldn’t fund his expeditions. He was born into a wealthy Portuguese family of merchants he became a skilled sailor and naval officer for Spain as the king at the time in Spain was king Charles The I selected him to find a westward passage to the Maluku Islands (other wise known as the spice islands) with a fleet of five vessels he journeyed into an uncharted strait which was later named after him. there were many mutinies eventually he reached the spice islands and started his journey home to Spain using the eastward part to get back completing the first circuit of the Globe. sadly he did not return home to Spain as he was killed in the battle of Mactan in the Philippines on the way home.sick du

Travel Journal Argentina

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ching changHola guys Today I am doing my Travel Journal again. This time it is on Argentina. Argentina is located in South America it was Originally named Argentina by the Spanish settlers because they believed the country was full of Silver (Argentina is related to the word Silver in Spanish). The focus of my blog today is Iguaçu falls it is one of the biggest attractions in South America probably the biggest considering it’s 82 meters tall, 700 meters long and 150 meters wide. Iguaçu falls makes up 1.7 miles of the Iguaçu river and has at least 275 water falls!!! Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. There is an ancient tribal legend depicting that a powerful deity planned to marry Napini the most beautiful woman on the earth but she already had her own lover and tried to canoe to the other side of the river where she would meet her lover but the god got angry and was determined to marry her and he sliced the river in half so that she fell down to the falls, her lover scared for his life ran away and the deity married Napini who swore to never love .again. Now scientist believe that Iguaçu falls was actually a earth quake which erupted a volcano and split the ground under the river in half causing the river to collapse on its self.


Geoffrey lean

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#Amaze_Them Final plan of Attack

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I’m apart of a group called the cretaceous crayons I’m in this group with Robbie Taylor (Velocirobter) Sebi Nolan (The Froggy Maverick) and of course my self (Snipergeb). These are our goals that we want to achieve before the YEAR 6 EXPO.

Week 2 tasks (to be completed at home): Editing of our first films like the Doedicuris the intro and the promo film.


Week 3 tasks: Complete two more drawing tutorials and communicate with the junior school teachers for the live workshop.


Week 4 tasks: Complete the last two or three how to draw films. Confirm with the junior school teachers on the date of the workshop.


What I will be showing at Expo (middle of Week 4): Our two best How to draw films and our promo film.


Week 5 tasks: On Monday we will hopefully have our live workshop on how to draw DINOSAURS!!!!!!!

Thanks I hope you guys like our project when we have finished it!

Geoffrey Lean


Gorilla research (Z00 Excursion project)

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At school we are going on an excursion to the Z00 and had to pick one of the highlight animals to research and I choose the lowland African Gorilla otherwise known as a  Gorilla. (there is also a Eastern lowland gorilla)( Graurer’s gorilla) Here is my research so far.

1. The western lowland gorilla is primarily native to the swamps and lowlands of central Africa in Angola and the Cameroon.

2. like most Great apes gorilla’s arms are longer than there legs so that the can walk quadrupedally and support their ginormous weight on there knuckles.

3. gorillas (eastern gorilla) can be found in Equatorial Guinea.

4. if you meet a gorilla the best option is not to run it is to stand still and look at the ground it should become curious and walk over to you if it does kneel and slowly reach out your hand and groom its hair it will take this a sign that you are of a lower rank to the gorilla.

5. When scientist put human DNA to gorilla’s DNA they found that gorilla’s are the second closest relative to human just in front of Orangutans and just behind the Chimpanzee.

6. ever heard that a gorilla’s favorite food is a banana well there most common food is actually  bamboo and fruit makes up only 7% of their diet!

7. There are 4 subspecies of gorillas 3 of those are critically endangered and are losing numbers fast with about 790 to 800 left in the wild.


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