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Passion Project #Update

What have you achieved so far?   I have completed my “first draft” of my film on THE MASTERS which is basically testing it out and trying the audio and tweaking a few bits here and there on my script. My… Continue Reading →

Green Screen

For our 11th and final clinic we did GREEN SCREEN! Here are the tips we got from the teachers!  

Adobe Premiere Pro

For our 10th film school clinic it is for my view it it the most important clinic. Editing software! Here are the tips we got from the teachers.

Shotgun Mics

Today in film school we did our 9th clinic and it was on SHOTGUN MICS! Miss Williamson gave us the tips I am saying in this video!

Point and Shoot Cameras

Our clinic today was with Miss Williamson and she taught us about POINT AND SHOOT CAMERAS. She gave us a few tips on the subject.

Royalty Free Music

Today we did ROYALTY FREE MUSIC with Mr Galluccio. He gave us tips on the activity. It explains it in the video.  

Wireless Microphones

Today we did our 8th clinic with Mrs Watson. The clinic was WIRELESS MICROPHONES. Here are the tips on Wireless Mics that we got from Mrs Watson.  

Zoom Cameras

For our 5th rotation we are doing Zoom Cameras. Mrs Watson was our teacher and she gave us a few tips. (by the way these cameras don’t zoom)

Shot lists And Storyboards

Our 6th rotation for Film school is Shot Lists and Storyboards. Miss Williamson gave us tips and here they are in my 6th video blog.

Audio Booths

Our 4th rotation for film school we are doing audio booths!! Our teacher for the clinic is Mr Galluccio and he gave us some tips on how to care for them

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