Lego robot week #7

colour sensor is quite easy once you get used to the concept of the programme continuing after the colour has been seen by the robot.

this lesson we learned about immediate brakes and coast brakes. coast brakes just turn the motors onto neutral mode and immediate brakes stop the motors dead

the first programme block is a immediate brake

the second programme block is is a coast brake

we have used the wait block for most of  the sensors so far. I did most the programming for this week (again…) but I got to work anyway. the first challenge was to make the robot do an immediate brake at a coloured piece of paper. the next was to make it coast at the paper.

the first one is an immediate brake

the second one is a coast brake

the NEXT challenge was to make the robot go in a square. henry wrote the programme Alice measured the square and I was writing here. after 6 attempts we finally got it.



Lego robot week #6

this week the touch sensor was introduced into the robot. we programmed it to stop at a wall as opposed to just keeping on going. our next challenge is to make the robot go into a wall then reverse, turn around, and keep going. we also learned about the ‘on’ setting in the move forward block. that makes it keep going on and on.

Lego robot week #3

We finally got up to date!!! I completed all the challenges including the move forward challenge with rotations degrees and seconds. port view was useful for the degrees and rotations because we could figure out how many wheel rotations and degrees the wheel has to turn. now we are going to work on custom images and sounds on the brick. Now I want the brick move up and down whilst playing Für Elise wit a picture of Beethoven on the screen..

Lego robot week #1

on our first design lesson we learned about our brick that we named dr. Melon. we started building our robot. we struggled to find a lot of the pieces but eventually we finished it. now we are working on programming the brick to move forward to the finish and back to the start. we are struggling to get the programme to download from the computer to the brick. turns out we needed a new brick so we got one from Mr. McKie and now we can download the programme to the brick.