Lego robot week #7

colour sensor is quite easy once you get used to the concept of the programme continuing after the colour has been seen by the robot.

this lesson we learned about immediate brakes and coast brakes. coast brakes just turn the motors onto neutral mode and immediate brakes stop the motors dead

the first programme block is a immediate brake

the second programme block is is a coast brake

we have used the wait block for most of  the sensors so far. I did most the programming for this week (again…) but I got to work anyway. the first challenge was to make the robot do an immediate brake at a coloured piece of paper. the next was to make it coast at the paper.

the first one is an immediate brake

the second one is a coast brake

the NEXT challenge was to make the robot go in a square. henry wrote the programme Alice measured the square and I was writing here. after 6 attempts we finally got it.



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