Term 2 Refection



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My goal this term was getting all of my homework done because last year I didn’t really do all of my homework because when I know that I had homework I would do it at the last minute and I would stress out and that feeling was not good so I tried doing my homework not at the last minute and I felt really good so if you are like my and you don’t do your homework then try what I did and it dose work really good. When I was doing my Ted Talk my friends helped my because I didn’t know what to do and they would help me to do what I wanted to do. I am very pleased that I have done all of my homework and that I read sometimes and I am pleased that my friends are there for my through everything and I am pleased that my mum and dad helped me do my homework. I would like to improve next term my reading, if I do it every night then I can do my reading rant witch will be fun. I would of liked to improve my Passion Project and my Ted Talk because I know that I can do that better then I did.

Pasion Project





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Today in Inquiry we all looked at Hannah’s, Oil’s, Jack’s and Asha’s Passion Project and they where all very good.

Hannah’s Project was really good but I think that you shouldn’t have done your Project  on  Adobe Premiere Pro because it would of looked a little better.

Oil’s project I think that you should of named the planes as they flow past but other an that it was really good.

Jack’s project was really goog but I think you should have talked in it and it was really good

Asha’s project was really good because she had all of the words at the bottom of the page and I think she did it in Premiere  witch is good so that was good but I think you should have edit the sound a bit better but it was good.

They all did good but next time you can do that maybe.

Me As A Reader

Me as a reader

looks like me in bed with my lamp on reading my book

It looks like me getting well into my book and never coming out

looks like me rugged up in my plackets reading silently

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Knights Tour

My first go was at the start of the lesson and at fist I guess and check and then I tried to go on the exploring strategies and so I went on that and I started from bottom to top and I went on worst first and it worked really good so I tried the others and the others didn’t work.


I am up to the stage of Editing. If you don’t know what that is then it is where you have finished your filming and you are going to fix the stuff that you didn’t want to be in your film or you want to add something like at the start there has to be telling your audience what you are going to do like I am doing hockey and at the start I would have how to play or shot and goal in hockey and at the end you can add in some credits to say who film it or who was in it and if you think there is a boring part then you can add in some music to keep you intertied as well as your audience. What I need to do is I have to get my videos of my mum’s phone and onto my laptop so then I can start editing all I have is I little bit so far but as I said I have to get some videos off my mum’s phone so I can make the film. I can’t wait to what it looks like then it is done.

Digital Etiquette




Today we watched a video and it was about ‘Digital Etiquette’ and it talked about being polite to other on a game, trolls witch are online bullies and they try to start a flame war witch is where lots of people have a fight about something, It also talked about anonymous that is people that have a name up above there head and different clothes on witch other people think that it is a stranger but it might be there friend but they don’t know because of the name and the clothes, It talked about what not using mean language 0mline and not to use Caps lock because people think that your yelling it them or someone and it also talked about permission like if want to post something online and someone is in there and they don’t want to put it online then you should not post it because they do not want there self up there.


I have nearly finished my production. I think I found some really cool ways to film, some really good camera angles,  and I did some cool things like over my shoulder I had Emma and Ella .I think that it was really cool how I did that because it was hard to do because sometimes you couldn’t see them but that is fine. I also think that it is really good because I can ad in some bloopers and that will be funny. I can’t wait to put this together.

Win At The Fair

This is a photo of what we did in class today. This is a chat of the game called win at the fair as you can see 50c has 102 and the others are lower I will show you








That is what it looks like in the picture


Is this game getting money or is it losing money

I think that the person who has this game will get a lot of money and the people who played this game lost there money .  So if you  want to raze money for something you should put up this game. I begin with exploring with Milly and we discovered that what ever you get you will loss money and after 40 trails said to each other that we would lose 1.000 dollars and that is bad. After that we began recording what we got and that is good because we can cam back to it and work on it. Then we observed that 20c are not likely and 50c is most that people get and that the rest of the money was useless and that is my observed. This got me thinking about what I should do about this so I tried to make it not a game where people loos money I want to make it so that the person who played the game not who played the game not to loss money and the person who has game can get money.

THINK Online




Today in class we had Triple R and we watched this video and it talked about that people can be mean online and then it said how to get rid of your anger and it showed this:

T is it True

H is it Helpful

I is it Inspiring

N is it Necessary

K is it Kind

And I thought that was pretty cool because you need to think before you post something on the internet that you do not want so that really helped me.

Birke Baehr’s – Ted Talk



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In class today we are doing inquire and in inquire you know that we are all going to do ted talks but we looked at one more video and we watched a guy called Birke Baehr and he talked about farm animals and how they are not treating the animals right and that they are not showing what they are doing in the news or the news paper and he discovered that out for himself and he said that be careful of what you bye at the super market.

I think that the message was be careful at what you eat and check what you eat before you bye it.

He got the message to the audience bye talking about what was inspired about and he talked about that and he used some humour.

He didn’t use technical only a microphone to make his talk louder.