Hello my name is Quinn and welcome to

my blog post. All of my posts will be about

all different types of learning. Here is a bit

about me:

I have a sister named Blythe , a dad named

Simon , a mum named Sarah and a very cute

dog named Arthur.

I love all different types of dancing and I

do it a lot! I also like cricket and play it

too. I have been at The Geelong College

for 8 years and it is really a great school.

I hope you like my welcome blog and there

will be many more blogs to come.




Build A Band

A few weeks ago we were asked to to a project called Build A Band

and I have been working on it in that time. In the project we had to

make the sprites play music and some people even made them dance!

I have been though many fails and complications but it all worked out

in the end. As you can see i used drums,trumpet and of course a singer.

I have made the sprites dance,sing and even disappear. My sprites are in

a world with a volcano and the music style is pop.

This is my Build A Band project and I hope you liked it!



DebugĀ It!

Today in design we had a task in scratch and we had to fix or Debug a program that didn't work or other people 
couldn't fix.

As you can see in the photo i solved it !

Before I fixed it, it wouldn't start ,I had to put the button at the top on so then it would start when I clicked
 the green flag.

It was important to learn how to debug things so in the real world one day we would know what it means and how to 
do it.

I just started playing around with Scratch and I will keep learning as the year goes on. :)