For our last subject in design we are doing DRONES! We have split into groups and mine was Harriet, Abbie ,Ashaiya and me. First we started with tutorials so we new how the coding for it worked.(and it defiantly helped us understand it!)After that we had a go at flying the which was so fun! We learnt how to control there movements and also how to make them the drones record it on the app! 

The challenges were defiantly the coding part even though i thought it wouldn't be to hard because we have already used it in humming bird but is wasn't that easy because we had different code for the drones.

DJI Ryze Tello Drone EDU

Here is what our drones look like!

Also i have code for a course called Drone Dash that you can program your drone in snap! Here is my code for the square project!

Overall i have really enjoyed doing drones and i hope to do it again!


RGM-Rube Goldberg Machines

RGM vid

^^Here^^ is my Rube Goldberg machine video that i built with some materials from home!

The progress of making this was pretty challenging considering i have never made one before, but I did get some help from my dad which was good!

First I had no idea what to start with or what the end resolute would even look like. But I decided to start with something and just add on as I went. I started with dominos and that did not work out for me because they kept knocking over and they weren’t strong enough to tap the thing that I wanted it to. So I decided to scrap that idea. Next i found a marble run that we had in the carboards and that worked pretty well! Now this was the hardest things that happened in the whole prosses! I wanted to make some sort of track that the marble could go down at the end of the marble run. I tried it once and it did not work because it was the same level the whole time which means there is not enough gravity or momentum for the marble to move. So my dad told me that I needed it to be on a slope and have it start higher. I was really annoyed about that because that meant that i needed to reorganize my whole track. But luckily my amazing dad helped my do it and that worked after a few try’s, after that i made the end of it a bit of acting that you will see in the video!!


Thank you for reading all about my RGM and i hope you have a wonderful day!!

Quinn šŸ™‚


Micro;Bit Speaker Project

Here is my code for my speaker project and i have made the music myself.

How it works is that when you press an A,B.A+B or shake the music will come

out ofĀ  the speaker with a different song every time!

It was so fun to figure out and use it! But it was challenging at first because I

had no help from Mr McKie.(it is also really fun to annoy your class mates!!!!)


Here is the recording of the songs i have made up! I hope you like them!




In this project i did not know that i could use theĀ  pins so i was try for so long and then i found it out and it was so much easier !

But at the start it was really easy to do the first controller but the second controller it was sooooooo hard before i found out what to do.

The challenging thing was to keep trying and not to give up because at the end i felt so good when i did it !




This is a blog post about the word conclusion.

I like the word conclusion becauseĀ  it makes me

feel good when I finish something (or conclude

something). ConclusionĀ means : The end or finish

of an a event ,process or text. The other meaning is:

A judgement or decision reached by reasoning.

An example to put it in a sentence would be:

The conclusion of building my new house.

And for the other meaning : Each group

came to a similar conclusion.

I hope you liked my blog post about conclusion!




About ME scratch project

For this scratch project we had to make a project

about ourselves. I was very excited for this project

because IĀ  got to share with everyone what I like. So

I made a character/sprite and tried to make it look

like me as much possible. If you tapĀ on the different

sprites they tell a bit about why IĀ like them and they

all play a piece of music at the end to describe what

it is. I am also excited to share this wit my new year

3 buddy!



Hello my name is Quinn and welcome to

my blog post. All of my posts will be about

all different types of learning. Here is a bit

about me:

I have a sister named Blythe , a dad named

Simon , a mum named Sarah and a very cute

dog named Arthur.

I love all different types of dancing and I

do it a lot! I also like cricket and play it

too. I have been at The Geelong College

for 8 years and it is really a great school.

I hope you like my welcome blog and there

will be many more blogs to come.




Build A Band

A few weeks ago we were asked to to a project called Build A Band

and I have been working on it in that time. In the project we had to

make the sprites play music and some people even made them dance!

I have been though many fails and complications but it all worked out

in the end. As you can see i used drums,trumpet and of course a singer.

I have made the sprites dance,sing and even disappear. My sprites are in

a world with a volcano and the music style is pop.

This is my Build A Band project and I hope you liked it!



DebugĀ It!

Today in design we had a task in scratch and we had to fix or Debug a program that didn't work or other people 
couldn't fix.

As you can see in the photo i solved it !

Before I fixed it, it wouldn't start ,I had to put the button at the top on so then it would start when I clicked
 the green flag.

It was important to learn how to debug things so in the real world one day we would know what it means and how to 
do it.

I just started playing around with Scratch and I will keep learning as the year goes on. :)