For our last subject in design we are doing DRONES! We have split into groups and mine was Harriet, Abbie ,Ashaiya and me. First we started with tutorials so we new how the coding for it worked.(and it defiantly helped us understand it!)After that we had a go at flying the which was so fun! We learnt how to control there movements and also how to make them the drones record it on the app! 

The challenges were defiantly the coding part even though i thought it wouldn't be to hard because we have already used it in humming bird but is wasn't that easy because we had different code for the drones.

DJI Ryze Tello Drone EDU

Here is what our drones look like!

Also i have code for a course called Drone Dash that you can program your drone in snap! Here is my code for the square project!

Overall i have really enjoyed doing drones and i hope to do it again!


Walking StrawPaino

This is my StrawPaino

It is called a StrawPaino because it has strawberry paper. It is a walking piano too with means that instead of using your hands you can use your feet! (which makes it a lot more fun, well i think.)

This is what my scratch screen looks like…And this is my code…

I also programmed the strawberry to change to a different dance move every time I play a note on my StrawPaino. There is 5 notes on it. I found it hard to Make it really look like a Piano. To make all of the keys the same i got a side of a big book and it made a crease and folded it on the crease. I hope you liked my blog post and i will see you soon! Bye!

Quinn 🙂