For the past 2 weeks half of year 5 have been programming a devise called “hummingbird” (don’t worry it is not a real bird!) We broke into groups and mine was Ashaiya, Abbie and me. We decided to make a Bunny and followed a detailed tutorial because we had no idea what to do!

Here is what the bunny looks like, it has a purple light nose with a ping pong ball on the top(to make it brighter) We also had to program it to be that colour. Next there is the ears which can twitch up and down. Now that program was a VERY HARD THING! and it annoyed us SO much but with a bit of Camron’s help we were able to make it work! We were SO happy! The eyes, mouth, whiskers and the cute bow were added features to make it look more like a bunny!

As you can see there are many cords coming out of the bunny but these cords are only there for 2 things which is the light nose(the lonely cord on the right) and the ears, which is the rest of the cords(i know a lot of cords for 2 ears!).

Overall i have really enjoyed doing hummingbird in design and i hope to learn more along the way!

Thanks for reading and i will see you soon!

Quinn <3 🙂