Every week this term we are having a design a design day, and i am really enjoying them. We have been using a robot called a “Sphero”. I also had the help from Shayleigh! (my partner)A Sphero looks like this…


When we got the Sphero’s we were set a page of challenges to do. First we got used to controlling them by driving them in shapes. Then the next step was to code it to make the same shape we just did with the coding blocks.( which was a much harder! ) The latest task we did is called “THE MAZE RUNNER” and we made a maze and we have to code the Sphero to go though it successfully. Shayleigh and I paired up with Ashaiya and Harriet and made ours have a love story so we connected our mazes.

Thankyou for reading my blog and i will see you soon!

Quinn 🙂