RGM-Rube Goldberg Machines

RGM vid

^^Here^^ is my Rube Goldberg machine video that i built with some materials from home!

The progress of making this was pretty challenging considering i have never made one before, but I did get some help from my dad which was good!

First I had no idea what to start with or what the end resolute would even look like. But I decided to start with something and just add on as I went. I started with dominos and that did not work out for me because they kept knocking over and they weren’t strong enough to tap the thing that I wanted it to. So I decided to scrap that idea. Next i found a marble run that we had in the carboards and that worked pretty well! Now this was the hardest things that happened in the whole prosses! I wanted to make some sort of track that the marble could go down at the end of the marble run. I tried it once and it did not work because it was the same level the whole time which means there is not enough gravity or momentum for the marble to move. So my dad told me that I needed it to be on a slope and have it start higher. I was really annoyed about that because that meant that i needed to reorganize my whole track. But luckily my amazing dad helped my do it and that worked after a few try’s, after that i made the end of it a bit of acting that you will see in the video!!


Thank you for reading all about my RGM and i hope you have a wonderful day!!

Quinn 🙂